Thursday, May 5, 2011

TuTu Junior

let me introduce..
this is TuTu junior..
son of HoLi and TuTu..

actually there was 3..
but the other 2 had died..
only he who had survive..

my bebi and me decided to name him TuTu junior,
because of his act..
he's act and personality are similar with TuTu..
even he has HoLi's look..
his nickname is 'Jun'

now he's even bigger than HoLi !!
he must have TuTu's bone / body..

since TuTu had died in Feb..
yes.. he is the father of that 8-1 baby bunnies from the post before..
i really don't intend to marry them..
of course that because of they're mother and son..
i even didn't know that HoLi is pregnant..
HoLi and Jun have separate cage..
They had get into the same cage but that was a long timeeee ago and i guess it's not for a long time...
they just get into 1 cage, because the other one is being washed..
and now i got 8-1 baby bunnies..
ooo woooww... 

8-1 baby bunnies

has born 8 baby bunnies..
but one died.. now it's 7 baby bunnies..

here's the picture..

what a great great day!!

since today is my bff b'day too..
that's just awesome!!
happy b'day Hedwig at Louie the Bunny Chronicles!!
wish u will love bunny more than ever..!!
here's your grand grand grand children..
wish u have have a superb b'day today!!