Thursday, May 30, 2013

May Looxchallenge : Fruitilicious

hi everyone
yesterday i decided to join this month looxchallenge from
this month challenge is FRUIT !!

i actually already know this month challenge quite a while..
but.. i had no idea...until yesterday evening...

i end up choose kiwi...

 here's the look that i make...

okay.. i just draw / made a kiwi at half of my eyelid and continue it at my under eye...

is it look like kiwi??
well, i hope it look like kiwi... >.<

i only draw kiwi at my left eye...
and put some green bling bling at my right under eye / eye bag...
so, this is my looxchallenge for this month...
bye.. see u in my next post  =)

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Manekineko Real Estate

hi everyone..
today i will post about a comic that i recently bought, titled Manekineko Real Estate..
written by a Japanese comic writer named Sakana Sorano..

the actual price is IDR 17500 / USD 1.75
but there's a discount, and i got this for IDR 10500 / USD 1.05
and it has 200 pages of story..

one day, Matsuri, a woman who works at a property agent was duped by her client..
the client leave without pay the rent, and his guarantor also disappeared..
she found nothing, only an abandoned cat inside that room..
and she bring it back to her office..

evidently, her boss and coworkers loved that cat..
they give food, milk, etc..
they decided to name it Kurita, same name as the person who run away and left it.
and he is really attract customer...

*in Japan they believe that put a cat statue (manekineko) at work place can bring more fortune*
*i mean this cat statue... looks, picture of kurita in the front cover is doing the same pose as the cat statue below..*

and then the story tells about the dramas that happen at the office, Matsuri and kurita's life and experience..
but i can't tell more of the stories.. because it consist of some related and unrelated short stories..
but, if you like animals, i think you will like this comic..
and the story isn't just about cat..
they're also another animal in the story..
there's dog, bird, hamster..but yeah.. the cat portion is more intense..

the actual price of this comic is IDR 17.500 or USD 1,75 but there was a discount, so i got this for IDR 10.500 or USD 1,05
* i seriously LOVE Gramedia book fair *
bye... XXOO