Wednesday, August 18, 2010

when TuTu meet HoLi

Last week, big baby and me went to Probolinggo to see TuTu..
and to unite TuTu  and HoLi + swap cage..
when we just arrived there.. we try to introduce them..
because most all of us think that TuTu is a female..
but... you see... TuTu want to marry HoLi !!

and after this case.. we know that TuTu is a MALE !!!!
but of course we still love him...!!!

so, because HoLi is too young for married..
we decided to put them in different cage..
but i think TuTu is in love with Holi..

Thursday, August 12, 2010

awesome tv series and awesome novels..!!

these are my old novels...
really awesome horror novels !!!
btw i like the tv series too...
go Buffy go..!!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

HoLi is a sexy bunny

taaaa daaaaaa......

HoLi's & TuTu's new bedroom...

this is a new cage for my lovely bunnies, TuTu and HoLi...
really want to say :
special thanks to Melly because has accompanied us to the mall...
and so many thanks to my prospective mother-in-law because bought TuTu and HoLi a big new cage like this... 
and for my Big Baby...thx yaa biii.... love u xo much.. moo moo.... ©.©
i'm sure that both TuTu and HoLi will very like their new bedroom..
btw.. HoLi already like it .. =)

friendly TuTu

when she was little...

and when she's not little..

look at her....
love her soo much.....!! 

Saturday, August 7, 2010


These are the photographs at the exhibition..
this exhibition is organized by Pradika Rabbit and
East Java Province Animal Husbandry Department 
This exhibition was followed by a variety of breeders from East Java province..

here, i take some bunny pictures..

english spot, i think...


* dear Hedwig.. i can hear your screaming after seeing 2 pictures above *


how cuteee...


rex tricolor

OMG... veryyy cuuteeee... 


bunny child.........

big beibi and big bunny


hotot bunny

big beibi and me are very like this bunny......
we saw he/she in the morning...
and in the night we come back to the exhibition to bring he/she home...

and.... this is HoLi.....
very similar right???????
or it really the bunny that we saw in the morning..??

Destiny Hotliner ShowingTeeth

i'm very very very very very very HAPPY!!!!!! today...
let me introduce my new baby girl!!!
her name is Destiny Hotliner ShowingTeeth

'Destiny' because that's really a destiny to have her..
here's the story..
this morning I went to the exhibition entitled this is the time for rabbit to show their teeth at Surabaya husbandry department..

after big beibi and me was hang out at mall..
after we go home, then my big beibi called his mom..
he said that TuTu is so friends..
then his mom allow him to buy one more!!!!!!!!!!

and so his father,..
then we go back to that exhibition..
when we arrived, the exhibition has closed..
but fortunately there are still some breeders who were tidying up their stand..
and..........we found HoLi and bring her home!!!!
I feel that met with HoLi is a 'Destiny'..

'Hot' is from hotot..she have a hotot bunny look a like
'liner' because she has eyeliner framing her eyes..

and 'ShowingTeeth' is from the title of the exhibition...
that's her full name..
her nickname is HoLi... 
love her xoo much...