Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Sugar bunny called Nicky

Amigurumi - Sugar Bunny

some months ago i took a knitting course..
this is my 2nd project that i made..

when i saw it, i think it's really really cute..
here's the picture from that link above..

below is the pictures during the process of making these bunny by me..

it looks really different from the pattern that i used..
that's because i got a missunderstanding concept of st-st..
>.< my bad...
will make this again next time...

Circus Theme

before the graduation day, my uni had a judisium event..
and the theme that my department choose is circus carnival..

here's is the ticket...

as u can see, the dresscode is circus and a person at least use 3 circus accecories..
my big baby dress up as a magician,
 and i dress up as a ... i don't know...  a random performer or magician's assistant..?? ,and my bff, melly as a gypsy..
but i have no pictures the 3 of us, they're is in my big baby's cellphone..

*blurry pictures* sorry...
these pictures taken before the judicium day..

my big baby accecories were made by us together..
no pictures of the wand and robe making..
my accesories are bought or i have it already..
only the gloves that made by me.. but no pictures of making them.. sorry.. >.<

the wand is just a stick that covered by black ribbon,
 then paste white ribbon at top and bottom of the stick..

for the robe, i burn the edges of the fabric, then fold the top about 3 or 4 cms, and sew..
that will made a hole, than insert a ribbon through it..
that's for the robe.. 

here's the step of making the hat.. 

here's the hat..
it's done.. phew..

the hat with another accesories.. :)