Friday, January 31, 2014

Revlon - The Remover

hi everyone...
today i post about my current eye and lip make up remover
it is The Remover by Revlon...

this is an oil based cleanser...
and you must shake well before using it..

this remover isn't come with box... 
so i will write what is written at the bottle..

To Use :
Shake vigorously, soak cotton ball & gently rub over lip/eye are until clean.

so..let's begin the story...

once upon a time.. cinderelly do an eye make up for the dance at the palace...
it just a really simple looks..
she just use a black gel liner and matte eyeshadow ..
here's the look...

(dinggg dooong)12x..
yess it's midnight already...
after running as fast as she could to go home,
cinderelly definitely have to clean her make up, so that her stepmother and stepsisters don't know that she came to the dance too..
oh, and also steal the prince's heart...

so, she use the remover by revlon...
she just use it like it says on the bottle...

*rub rub*

we must quickly get rid of this dirty cotton..

yeaahhh, the eye make up is goneeeeee...
let's back do the laundry

psst, cinderelly says that it did a great job!!!!
and not sting her eyes!!

 the fairy godmother got this remover at counter for IDR 60.000 or USD 6

+ : doesn't sting my eye
     do a great job
-  : greasy feel.. but this is an oil based remover.. so, i think it's fine...

i bought this products with my own money..
and my opinion above is honest and based by my own experience of using this product...

ps : i don't know why i write this in fairytale style... comment down below if you like or dislike this style of writing...

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Garnier Neril Hair Tonic Anti Dandruff Shield

hi guys..
i have been struggled from dandruff some months ago..
from my experince..
dandruff just come and go...
i got dandruff.. i got no dandruff...and then dandruff dandruff again..
just repetitive like that..

when i got dandruff some years ago..( maybe 6 years ago?? )
i use wella ex-something-site hair tonic in anti dandruff..
*i forgot the name..*
but, i just can't find it anymore in stores..
i think they don't produce that tonic anymore..
which is make me sooooo sad... =(
because that tonic is works really good!!!!
it eliminates my dandruff soo well..
why they have to discontinued it????????
so, the journey to find tonic that will make the dandruff  go away from my lovely hair..begin
i already tried some other hair tonics..but i don't like them very much..
i don't know why...
they are good products actually..but i just think that maybe there's something that will more impress me..
and i keep trying new hair tonics..

and one day i try this hair tonic..
the Garnier Neril Hair Tonic Anti Dandruff Shield..
i love garnier products..
and when i see this..
i just thought.. hey, maybe i'll love it..
it can be a good products..since i use some of garnier products and fall in love with them...

the box says that this tonic is effective in treating and preventing : 
- dandruff
- scalp impurities
- itchiness


treatment :
simply massage this tonic into the scalp everyday for 3 minutes. it can be applied both on wet and dry hair. continue the treatment minimum for 2 or 3 times a week to prevent the problem from recurring.

prevention :
this tonic can also be used to prevent the appearance of dandruff. massage this tonic regularly into the scalp, to give you healthy scalp, strong, and beautiful hair.

here's the bottle..

when you open the cap..
perfect size hole for hair tonic...

so.. onto the result...
at that moment.. i have a looott of dandruff...
and my dandruff wasn't just the small like powder..
but also the big dandruff which is look like peeled skin..
it can be peeled from my scalp..if i just scratching my scalp..
usually i found it..because it will feel really itchy...

ehemm... i don't wear this tonic as the instructions above...
*usually i really pay attention to the instructions..*
but, i just lazy to use this everyday...i know.. my bad..
i only use this after i wash my hair..
it do eliminates my dandruff!!!!
soo glad... it works well!!
though it take some time..maybe because i'm not following those instructions..
but..anyway it is work!!!
and i'm happy with the result... and now i keep use this but not as often as before...
because i don't have dandruff right now.. YAY..
but i just use it sometimes to prevent that the dandruff will coming back..and the picture above is actually my second bottle...

so.. if you have problem with dandruff...
you must give this hair tonic a try...
and say BYE BYE to dandruff.... =) 
i got this for IDR 24,273 or USD 2.51 after 30% discount..
the full price is IDR 34,675 or USD 3.58

note : i bought this with my own money.. and this post honestly my opinion based on my experience..

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Liebster Award

Liebster award is an award that is given to a new blogger that have fewer than 200 followers. Liebster is a Germany word that means sweetest, kindest, nicest, dearest, beloved, lovely, kind, pleasant, valued, cute, endearing, and welcome. Too sweet :') 

this time i've been tagged by a pretty girl named Stephanie Lie..
you can check her blog at
thank youuuu Stephanie.. =)

The rules for receiving the award :

1. Each person must post 11 things about themselves
2. Answer the questions that the tagger set for you plus create 11 questions for the people you've tagged to answer
3. Choose 11 people and link them in your post
4. Go to their page and tell them
5. No tag backs!
11 things about me ..
i really love to sleep..
i sneeze every morning
love dark chocolate..
i am afraid to see myself at night when the lamp is already dimmed and i wear a sleep dress..
have 'i could make it syndrome' 
i am 158 cms tall
i am a combination between geek and nerd
i never dyed my hair..
 my favorite fruit is srikaya (sugar-apple) i write about it here
spf junkie
my room is a total mess
and... onto Stephanie's questions...

1. What is your favorite clothing brand?
i don't have any...
2. What is your wishlist currently?
 sentaro no 1 - 25
3. What is your hobby?
 i have A LOOOTTTT of hobbies, but mostly i really really love to sleeping, reading, and cross stitching..oh, and watching youtube videos.. =)
4. What song are you listening to nowadays?

 i really really REALLY like this song...

 this is nigahiga's version video clip...

this is kevjumba version video clip...
both are the same song.. but slightly different video...
aren't they cute?????? and they make SUPER GREAT AWESOME videos
well.. i am totally their subscriber.. =)
5. What is your favorite makeup brand?
6. Dyed hair or natural hair?
7. What is your blood type?
i don't know... my dad is an A, my mom is a B, so..i'm an A, B, or AB, or maybe O ... 
8. Your gadgets?
 ?? i use nokia lumia 820.. i write about it here
9. Your favorite food?
10. Thing that you love so much?
BOOKS, and my lovely pillow 
11. BB Cream or CC Cream or Foundation?
foundation, but i never tried CC cream so far...

my questions :
1. what is your favorite movie?
2. what is your dream car?
3. shower or take a bath?
4. long hair or short hair?
5. put a picture of your pet
6. what is your favorite game?
7. iOS, android, or windows phone?
8. who is your role model?
9. what do you do in your spare time?
10. cat eyes or puppy eyes?
11. put a picture of your OOTD

and i tagged all of you who want to do this tag... =)
feel free to nominated yourself...

this is my 3rd liebster blog award.. you can see the previous post here and here
=) see you in my next post..

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Tokyo Night Polish Remover

Hi everyone..
Today I will post about a nail polish remover..
It’s called Tokyo night polish remover.. it’s an Indonesian local brand, produced by Hayjen cosmetic.

here's the look..

 here's the words that they write at the white sticker...

Function :
To cleans nail

How to use :
Rub onto the nail using cotton

and the ingredient list..which is acetone, water, ethyl alcohol, fragrance..

that's it..
really a short and clear message...
but really effective in my opinion, since it still provide the important things that we, the users, need to know..

I got this at IDR 6.500 or USD 6,5 for a 55ml bottle
that's insanely cheap..!!!!!!!!
let's see how it works..

here's my nail..
is it already a bare nail???
NOOOO, i wear revlon nail polish in sheer mauve.. which is i already post in here

i moistened cotton with this remover, and rub it onto my nail, just like the direction that written at the sticker..
in this picture below, i just rub it onto the half of my nail..
the left side is the clean part, and the right side is still have the nail polish on..
*really hope you can see the slight difference, since the nail polish color is really natural and sheer..*

and then.....
here is the clean nail..!!!!
 i really satisfied with this product...
because no need to rub over and over again...
just need to be rubbed 2x, or 3x maximum, i guess.. and it will delete all those polish from your nail..
just a tip that i read somewhere... * i love to read a loooooooootttttt of things *
if you had thick polish, or maybe glitter polish.. you can left those moistened cotton on your nail for a few seconds before rubbed...
psst.. i already tried... and it really works!!!! so bad that i forgot where i got this tips.. =(

+ : it did cleans well...

-         - :  the bottle is made from glass... *make it not travel friendly, and don't drop it... *
note :
i bought this products with my own money..
and my opinion above is honest and based by my own experience of using this product... 
LOVE this!!! gotta repurchase... =)