Monday, June 29, 2015

June 2015 Empties

Hi everyone..!!!
So, this is a collective empties, i've done from some months ago..

 Here they are..

1. Vaseline healthy white SPF 24
I LOVE this body lotion... Absolutely repurchase...

2. Maybelline Make Up Remover Eye and Lip
My another favorites of eye and lip makeup remover.
Already purchased... and used a half already...
I love to bring this for travel..

3. Pond's Pimple Cover and Care
Already repurchased. You can see it in my haul post here.
And featured in my make up routine here.

4. Rexona Women
I personally love anti-perspirant deodorant..

5. Mustika Ratu Jasmine Cleansing Milk

This is an Indonesian local brand.
I have this since i couldn't find any Nivea Milk Cleanser at the moment, so i bought this.
In my opinion the texture is too thick..
But it doesn't burn my nose area, which is a HUGE advantage.
So, overall it is pretty good..
Repurchase? I don't know, i already purchased my favorite milk cleanser from Nivea.
Let just say that this is my second favorite milk cleanser..

6.Pond's White Beauty Transclusent Pinkish White
I love this..!! This is my go to moisturizer when i got break out.
Already repurchased, but i got the one with SPF in it..

7. Rudy Hadisurwarno Hair Loss Defense Hair Tonic
This is an Indonesian local brand..
This product is pretty good..
Repurchase?? Maybe yes maybe no..

8. Lucido-L Triple Beauty Vitamin Oil for dry hair
Absolutely love this!!!!
Already repuchased 2 of this..!!
One exactly like this and the other one is in spray bottle..
Love them BOTH!!
But i don't know how to review them, since i don't have picture of my hair before i used this...
But it really works..

So, that's it for this post..
See you again next time..!! Bye.. =)

Friday, June 19, 2015

Sporty Chic Look with Fanatics

Hello everyone..!!!!
Today i create a look for you who wants to looks sporty but still cute..

And this outfit is inspired by an American baseball team mascot...
who is....

Wally the green monster..!!!
He is the official mascot for the Boston Red Sox..
Look at him..!!
He absolutely got the look, sporty but yet still cute... =)

So, onto the outfit pick..

 The hat that i choose is one of the officially licensed Boston Red Sox hats from 47 Brand.
The main reason i choose this, is because the green color really looks like the color of Wally's skin / fur..
I like that it have adjustable strap on the back, so you can adjust it to fit you perfectly.
And i prefer a curved bill than the straight ones. 
I think curved bill hat is looks good on anyone, include me.. Hehee..
Well, that's just my opinion..
You can choose whatever you like at
They have a huge selection of licensed apparel, accessories, gears, etc.
What kind of sports do you like, and what team is your favorite,
i think you can find it on
I just fall in love with this tank top.
The stripe add the cute look, and the sheer panels on both sides just add an edgy look into it.
It is unique, cute, and in my opinion is perfect for summer time..

This sling bag from Juicy Couture is really stunning...
I like that it is not a big size bag, but in a perfect size for just carry on your essentials..
And, it has beautiful pastel color..!!!!

This shoes is gorgeous, and my brain just scream white chocolate when i'm seeing this..
It is chunky, white, and have the look of cut trail like chocolate bar on the wedges.. 
So, white chocolate... YAY...
And what i like that it has a big platform heel, and it looks very comfortable to walk...

This is a cute high waist short in navy color..
This short is lightweight and breathable...
And i think this is an awesome dupe for Wally's short..

Thursday, June 4, 2015

May 2015 Beauty Haul

Hi everyone..
So, this is my beauty haul for this month..

1. Clean and Clear Active Clear Speed Clearing Acne Gel
I purchased 2 of these, because sometimes it become 'rare'..
But i have to use this everyday, and i make sure that i had enough backups.
I got this for IDR 25.000 or about USD 2.4..

2. Pond's Pimple Cover & Care Concealer Pen
OMG.. I LOVE this SO MUCH...!!
Already finished one which i post here
I got this for IDR 25.000 or about USD 2.4..

3. Maybelline Color Show Nail Polish no 002 Pinkalicious
I really tempted out to try nail polish from Maybelline...
Oh, and the color is very pretty.. Really can't wait to try this on..
I got this for IDR 30.000 or about USD 2.28

4. Maybelline Hyperglossy Liquid Liner in Khaki
I had read a lot good review about this eyeliner from Maybelline.
But i don't want to get the black one, so i pick the green one..
I think this will looks great for the double wing eyeliner look,
just do this color above the basic black eyeliner..
Errr, i hope you know what i mean.. or maybe just wait for the review / tutorial???
This will give such a nice pop of color..
I got this for IDR 49.000 or about USD 3.73

5. Bali Spa Body Scrub
Wuhuuuuu... Buy 2 and get free lipstick..
This promo just bought me..
Or to make it sinless, i actually looking for a body scrub.
Because i hadn't scrub for a looooooong time.
I have try body scrub from Bali Spa back then.
But i think mine was jasmine or yam bean... I couldn't remember..
It's pretty good as i remembered..
And it has LAVENDER ones.. OMG.. I just obsessed with lavender scent.
So YEAHHH got it baby, and i'm curius about the coconut also..
I LOVE coconut too.. and got a free lipstick which is i have no idea about the color..
I am ready to surprise..
I forgot how exactly it is, i think it's about IDR 10.000/jar or about USD 1..

So, that's it for this post..!!
See ya..!! =)