Friday, February 28, 2014

Maybelline Hyper Sharp Liner

today i will write about my favourite liquid liner..
it is Maybelline Hyper Sharp Liner..

here it is..

open the cap..
and this is how the tip looks..

looks really nice and thin..
really great for precise eyeliner application..

on this review, i want to create a look inspired by Maybelline advertisement picture on the web..
here's the picture...

really beautiful right...
and this is my look..

i want my look to be more edgy.. so i made a star shape instead of floral..
okay, this is not as beautiful as the inspiration picture above...
but, i try my best..

i got this for IDR 69.000 or USD 6,9
so far, this is my favourite eyeliner..
if i wear eyeliner for this past 2 months, it is absolutely this eyeliner..
it actually makes my kohl, gel eyeliner, and my another liquid eyeliner just sit in place..
this is make eyeliner application really precise, quick, and so much more easy....

+ :  have really nice and thin tip
      easy to use
      save time
      great color payoff
      OMG  i LOVE it SO MUCH
      just go and get one, and you will know what i mean... =) i lost words already


i bought this product with my own money...
and my opinions above based by my experience by using this products

Saturday, February 22, 2014

Lervia Shower Cream Milk & Avocado

today i want to write about my current shower cream..
it is Lervia shower cream Milk & Avocado
this is my repurchase from my before shower cream that i had finished..
i got the Milk & Rose before..
now i try the other variant of Lervia shower cream

here it is...

it has 2 different colour of liquid..
the white liquid is the Milk ones..and the green is the Avocado..
i bought this because i want to try the other variant of Lervia shower cream
since i'm so like the Milk & Rose...that i already used up..

when you opened the cap..
after some time i used this..
the white ones is out faster...
i found  it's pretty difficult to keep both of the liquid equal..
but yah... i really don't mind...
oh.. and i really really love the scent!!!!
i bought it for IDR 15,250 or USD 1.58

+ : love the scent !!!!!!!!
     does not make my skin dry
     unique idea

-  : hard to keep the both liquid equal

i bought this product with my own money...
and my opinions above based by my experience by using this products

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Revlon Lip Make Up Remover

hi everyone..!!!
today i will write a review about my current lip make up remover from revlon
here it is...

what it says on the bottle :

wipe off lip makeup instantly, gently without smudging, scrubbing, or stinging delicate lips. Oil-free formula that is suitable for Revlon Colorstay, Moisture Lipstick, Outrageous, Living and other lipstick.

Directions :
- moisten cotton with Revlon Lip Makeup Remover
- wipes off lipstick gently
- rinse with water

so, onto the test....

my lips with lipstick on...

the remover is water based and it is clear..
here's i already soaked my cotton pad with the remover..

then rubbed onto my lip..
here's the dirty cotton..

finally my clean lip..!!!

i must say that it cleans really really well..
no need to rubbing, and no smudging lipstick...
but, i feel a bit of tingling sensation on my lip when using this..
it's not hurt, but i feel kind of weird..
so, if you already tried this product and feel the tingling sensation, please comment down below..
so i will know that i'm not alone...

i got this product for IDR 29.000 or USD 2,9 for 60 mls of product...
oh, and i bought this with my own money...

+ :  cleans well 
      doesn't smudge
      since it's water based, so no greasy feel after using this
-  : has tingling sensation when used

that's it for today..
see you in my next post... =)

Thursday, February 6, 2014

re-vamp my sofa...

hi guys..
so, this story began when i was graduated and come back home..
i rearranged my room, and i decided to change my computer chair with a part of sofa that is in the living room for more cozy feel..

here's the look
the color really didn't match my room
and as you can see there some cracks too..

so i decided to make a fabric cover for it..
i want to make it more girly and light colored..
i already bought the fabric in light blue and pink color..
but i just made the blue ones..well.. for me, it takes forever to finished..
and.. after forever and ever.... here it is...

my first attempt on making a sofa cover..

nah.. you can see that i pretty messed up at the corner...

i make a ruffle at the bottom.. 
i think it will give more girly looks to this baby...

photobombed by my feet...

right now, i actually sit on it when writing this post...
i really excited when i'm finished this project...
i love it...!!!!
 though i know that this cover isn't perfect..
i make mistakes here and there...
hey, but i know my mistakes.. 
and i supposed to learn from my mistakes.. that is what mistakes for.. right..?
i'm sure that the pink ones will be much better...
maybe i will add an initial cross stitching, since i use aida fabric here...
or beading?? i'm not sure...
what do you think?

Sunday, February 2, 2014

January Empties

today i will write about products that i already used up last month january..
sooo.. here they are...

1. Olay natural white healthy fairness UV blocker
this product has SPF 50 and i got discount 40% off...
totally repurchase if it's on sale again..
although i still have so many untouched moisturizer on my shelf...

2. Olay moisturizing lotion
good moisturizer without SPF.. i always love olay moisturizer...
i can directly change to any different series without get any bad reaction from my face..
no matter the series, if it's olay moisturizer, it's suitable for my skin...

3. Maybelline mineral power natural perfecting concealer --phew--
i googled it to found the name.. as you can see, mine's is really blurry and not readable..
really love this concealer.. i used it twice a day to cover my dark circle

4. Nivea lip balm in rose and cherry
 my absolutely favorite lip balm everrrrrrrrr..

5. Revlon 30 second eye make up remover
i used it everyday, twice a day.. to remove my maybelline concealer...
repurchase?? i think so.. but this product is out of stock at the counter, so now i use my another eye make up remover..

6. Garnier neril hair tonic anti dandruff shield
i think this is a problem solver to any dandruff victims out there..
i already write a review about it here

7. Vaseline healthy white
my absolutely go to body lotion..and it's kind of my signature scent.. hahaaaa..
i already have backups.. one in the same size as in this picture, the other one is the bigger size bottle with pump...

i really want to review all of these products.. but, yeah, they just rans out before i can take any pictures for the review.. but, some of them i already had the backups..
so i will review them soon..
see you in my next post...
bye.. =)