Friday, October 22, 2010

TuTu's Feet

there's wound on TuTu's feet
my big baby was the first person who saw the wound..
when i hold TuTu, he saw wound on TuTu's feet...

he became taciturn and eat less..
he showed me his injury legs..look at this picture below..

but the injury is on the back we can't see it from this viewpoint..
 he try to said that his legs were hurt... 
that's really touched my heart.....T.T

i and big baby then went to vet..
we went to the vet by bicycle..
i think that's really romantic...
love you big baby !!!!
the veterinarians said that his legs are callous...
and she give medicine in ointments form

here's the pictures when i applying ointment to his feet
*i give some sensors here...*

after aerated his legs for a while..
i put him back to his cage, usually at this time he has been released in the park..
but the soil was wet, it just raining..and there's wound on his leg...!! 
but he became angry... and he's bite me !!!!
hikkssss..... i really don't think that he could bite me...
although he didn't bite me hard..
i was pretty shocked..

get well soon TuTu....

Thursday, October 21, 2010

favourite fruit !!

this is one of my FAVOURITE fruit
in my country they called this fruit 'srikaya'
i try to google translate the word 'srikaya'
and that's mean sugar apple in English..

these pictures are not a local sugar apple
the local ones is smaller than this..
but they have same skin.. 

the most obvious differences is the pulp..
the local ones is have a lot of seeds..
but the imported ones only have a little..

so to eat we must cut it with knife.. 
while the local can be separated only by hand..

sllrrrppp..... nyaaammm......