Friday, November 23, 2012

Loreal Matt Transparent Blush with Vitamin C - 103 Sandalwood Veil

today i will post about my the one and only blush
it's Loreal Matt Transparent Blush with Vitamin C no 103 Sandalwood Veil
phew.. what a looooong name..

here it is...
the packaging...

it has soft pink case in color sandalwood veil..
yes, the case color is basically represent the color of the blush inside it..
hmm... i think this is really a GREAT idea..

here's when the case is open..
it has a square mirror, a brush, and a blush of course..
i think it's also a great idea that it has a mirror in it..
and i pretty love the brush... it's quite soft and the width of the brush is perfect to my cheeks..

closer looks of the blush...
sandalwood veil is the lightest pink colour that available in Loreal corner at the time i bought it...

swatch on my hand...

swatch on my finger.. 
it's in my index and middle finger..

i know it's a bit hard to see the swatch..
because the colour is just soooo natural in my skin... =)
that's why i love this...

when i use this blush, my mom even doesn't realize that i wear a blush..
she tought that i just get fatter because i look healthier..
*i'm a little bit skinny right now*
usually i just pale yellow-ish emm.. with a little green???

the price ??? 
i forgot the price...
maybe about IDR 150.000 or USD 15,60
i have it for a pretty long time ago...

+ : i totally love the light pink colour
     has a mirror
     the colour of the case represents the color of the blush inside 
     the quality of the brush is good
- :  nothing

Monday, November 5, 2012

Nail Polish - Revlon no 235 Twinkled Pink

today i will post about my nail polish that i wear right now..
it is revlon nail polish no 235 twinkled pink..

see... it's a beautiful barbie pink..i guess... :)
i got it for IDR 33.000 or USD 3,46..

i love it!! the colour is really beautiful..
i'm wearing it maybe about 1 week ago until now..
and.. yep i redo the nail polish on my nails of course..

*love it!!*
i wear it with my professional double twist instant base & top coat from revlon that i already make a post about it here
so, what do you think about this nail polish? 

note : i have nails again.. olala~ :)