Monday, December 31, 2012

My 2013 Resolution !!!!!

hi guys.. 
today i will post about my resolution for the year 2013..
somehow i believe that if i talk to someone / some people what i will gonna do,
it will make me really did it..
or try to did it.. maybe i fail.. but actually i did try..

so, onto the list..

1.       Learn to drive

2.       Cook more and more!! There’s soooo many kind of food out there.. 
 this maybe take my whole lifetime

3.       Tidy up my bedroom…  it’s a mess…
*as always*

4.       Forgive and forget.. this is really really hard… I already tried this for years and years…  but so.. yahh..  I’m just thinking that I’m also not a perfect person. I made mistakes too. I hurt people too. And I’m hoping that they’re will forgive me.. so, I think that how can you want other people to forgive you but you won’t??? that’s just sounds not right

5.       Laser my armpit.. hahaaa.. 
just got tired of shaving...

6.       Start my own bussiness.. 
though i still confused to choose... =(

7.       Buy a new handphone.. mine’s now is always runs out battery and hot like an iron..
*a brand new nokia lumia maybe??*

8.       Doing more work out
actually i do looooovvveee doing workout.. i usually did aerobics near my house.. that makes my skin PERFECT !! and combo with mask and scrub your face once a week.. your skin will absolutely georgeus!!!!!!! no acne, no pimples, no comedoes.. just clear, bright, and smooth face skin..
but  i got busy these days..and there's no time for work out..
9.  Blog more..

sooo... end of the post...
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all of YOU !!!!
see you next year !!!
happy holidays

Sunday, December 30, 2012

Random 25 Questions

today i watch this post on
that's sounds really fun..
i usually did post like this, in friendster a loooong time ago..
but i don't use frienster anymore... that site is change a loooottt...
okay.. onto the question

Random 25 Questions

Where were you 3 hours ago?
i'm on my bed

Is there anything pink within 10 feet of you? 
ermmmm... that's a loooooottt of thingss

 right now i do like Selena Gomez's style...

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Revlon Profesional Extra Moisturizing Nail Enamel Remover i will review one of my nail enamel remover..
it is by Revlon..
i think it's quite good..

what it says on the product :
conditioning and moisturizing formula with natural jojoba oil.
cleans off color without acetone.
won't dry or strip nails.

how to use:
moisten cotton with remover. stroke over nail until clean. for artificial nail, test first : wipe gently.

flammable, keep away from heat or flame. store at room temperature. harmful if taken internally. keep out of reach of children.

okay, let's trying...
here is my nail with chipped nail polish
must go rid it

ta daaaa.... the hero.. nail enamel remover...
it is a blue water.. my bottle contains 120 ml

when you open the cap..
wide hole.. but it makes a lot of easier to moist your cotton...
so... like it...!!

so, after i use it like the instruction that mentioned above...

here's the clean nail...
it cleans easily.. and quickly.. 

i got this IDR 27000 or USD 2.7
affordable...and do a great job...
like thissss....!!

+ : affordable
     cleans quickly and easily
     big hole that make easier to soak the cotton

-  : has strong scent

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Artemis Fowl by Eoin Colfer

today i want to share about my new favourite book series..
it is.. Artemis Fowl..
author : Eoin Colfer

here's the front cover..

let me be honest.. i bought this book because of it's cover..
actually the cover is BLING!!!..i mean look sparkle when shaken..which aren't visible in picture above..
that really took my attention...
so, i grab it and read the synopsis at the back cover..
after i read just ensure me to really buy this book..
afetr i read it.. i found that i really LOVE the story..
luckily this is the first book of the series.. so, i can understand the story well..

the story is about a 12 years old boy billionaire named Artemis Fowl..
he is totally a genius...
he investigate about fairies..--> searching for their gold

Fowl's family is dabbling in the world of crime..
someday, Mr. Fowl Senior.. (Artemis father) is lost in cruise ship that blown by Russian mafia and make Fowl family lost their rate as billionaire..since it was a bussiness trip..
and Artemis's mother is stressed out since the missing of Mr. Fowl senior..

and Artemis is determined to return their wealth by getting fairy's gold..
but the fairies is clever, armed, and has magic..
so, it's not that easy to take their gold..
in this first book, Artemis dealing with Holly Short, the first female captain fairy's world..
she is really kind, smart, nice, loyal, and little bit of reckless..

here's Artemis must conquer fairies intelligence, magic, technology..
which is much more advanced than human technology.., troll, gnome..,etc..

so.. who wins this battle??
i give you the satisfaction by not telling the end of the story..
you can read it from the book...

this book is just the beginning of the adventure..
you can check out this series at 

i bought this book with my own money in local bookstore...
lucky me, i got it on sale..
only IDR 20.000 or USD 2

Friday, November 23, 2012

Loreal Matt Transparent Blush with Vitamin C - 103 Sandalwood Veil

today i will post about my the one and only blush
it's Loreal Matt Transparent Blush with Vitamin C no 103 Sandalwood Veil
phew.. what a looooong name..

here it is...
the packaging...

it has soft pink case in color sandalwood veil..
yes, the case color is basically represent the color of the blush inside it..
hmm... i think this is really a GREAT idea..

here's when the case is open..
it has a square mirror, a brush, and a blush of course..
i think it's also a great idea that it has a mirror in it..
and i pretty love the brush... it's quite soft and the width of the brush is perfect to my cheeks..

closer looks of the blush...
sandalwood veil is the lightest pink colour that available in Loreal corner at the time i bought it...

swatch on my hand...

swatch on my finger.. 
it's in my index and middle finger..

i know it's a bit hard to see the swatch..
because the colour is just soooo natural in my skin... =)
that's why i love this...

when i use this blush, my mom even doesn't realize that i wear a blush..
she tought that i just get fatter because i look healthier..
*i'm a little bit skinny right now*
usually i just pale yellow-ish emm.. with a little green???

the price ??? 
i forgot the price...
maybe about IDR 150.000 or USD 15,60
i have it for a pretty long time ago...

+ : i totally love the light pink colour
     has a mirror
     the colour of the case represents the color of the blush inside 
     the quality of the brush is good
- :  nothing

Monday, November 5, 2012

Nail Polish - Revlon no 235 Twinkled Pink

today i will post about my nail polish that i wear right now..
it is revlon nail polish no 235 twinkled pink..

see... it's a beautiful barbie pink..i guess... :)
i got it for IDR 33.000 or USD 3,46..

i love it!! the colour is really beautiful..
i'm wearing it maybe about 1 week ago until now..
and.. yep i redo the nail polish on my nails of course..

*love it!!*
i wear it with my professional double twist instant base & top coat from revlon that i already make a post about it here
so, what do you think about this nail polish? 

note : i have nails again.. olala~ :)

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Looxtag : Fashion & Beauty Products You Avoid

hey everyone..
this afternoon i saw this tag post on looxperiments
and i think this looks interesting..!
so, here's i want to share fashion and beauty products that i avoid

1. Contact Lenses
i'm just really not into this.. i really don't want to put something inside my eyes..
and i can't imagine to touching my eyeball... errrr....
sounds pretty hurt.. moreover with long nails... 

2. Red Eyeshadow
i wore once some time ago.. 
and i just not into it...

3. Long Sleeve Shirt
i never have a long sleeve shirt that fits me perfectly..
after i got my sewing lessons,
i know the
my shoulder size is Large, and the rest size is in size Small

4. Strapless Dress / Top
actually i love it!!!
but i couldn't wear it... always sag as time goes by... 

so, this is my version of fashion & beauty products that i avoid..
you can do this tag also if you interested..
and i also like to read about it...


Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Liebster Blog Award

The Liebster Blog Award is given to upcoming bloggers who have less than 200 followers.
The Meaning; Liebster is German and means sweetest, kindest, nicest, dearest, beloved, lovely, kind, pleasant, valued, cute, endearing, and welcome.
I got this award from kumicake, thanks a lot kumi..!! I'm one of her blog followers and her blog is really great..!! 

The rules:
1. Each person must post 11 things about themselves
2. Answer the questions the tagger has set for you plus create 11 
questions for the people you've tagged to answer
3. Choose eleven people and link them in your post
4. Go to their page and tell them
5. Remember no tag backs!

11 facts about me..

1 . i'm not pretty
2.  i'm not clever
3.  i never won anything
4.  i'm just an average girl
5.  i'm a bookworm..
6.  yeah, i think i quite nerd
7.  i born with double eyelid..
8.  i love boots!!!
9.  i always have a crazy haircut since in junior high school until senior high school
10. but i just stick to just so so haircut when i got to university.. maybe i just repent..
11. my big baby and i just engaged!!! :D

Questions from kumicake :

1. Why did you start a blog? 
    so sorry,  i forgot why i did it..!! i just post things in my life..
2. What are you most proud of (about yourself)?
     whoa.. emmm... my reading speed maybe..?
3. What are you.... not so proud of (also about yourself)? 
    my messy spirit..,
4. What is the lastest product you bought (groceries don't count!)?
     Loreal UV Perfect SPF50 UVB, UVA PA+++ in white transparent skin
5. Was it necessary to buy it?
     yessss!!!! i bought it for my vacation.. i go to Bali island.. that place have tons of sunshine..
6. Do you have a poupee, if yes, give me all your ribbons nau *holds up a finger gun*
    i'm so sorryyyy... i really don't know what poupee means... :(
7. What is your obsession?
     save all bunnies in the world.. wkwkwk...
8. What is your favourite book/ tv show/ game/ anime? 
     my fav book : sentaro, the princess diaries, eragon series, fairytale books
     my fav tv show :  voice of china, my parabola is broken and only shows China's tv channels
     my fav game: there's be a lot, but now i just playing fantasy town, fashion story.. 
9. How do you want to name your kid/pet, or if you already have a kid/pet, what is the name?
    i already named my beloved lovely cutie bunny : Amazing Twotoothbig English.. nickname : TuTu
10. Do you like apples? 
       i only like fuji apples
11. If I gave you one wish, what would you wish for (multiple/infinite wishes  and any other loopholes don't count)? 
      i wish that my life will happily ever after.. 

my 11 questions :

1.   where did you go on last vacation?
2.   how you treat your acne?
3.   what is the craziest thing you ever did?
4.   do you like carrot juice?
5.   what is your favourite music video?
6.   long hair or short hair?
7.   how you get rid of your whiteheads??
8.   what the most you love about yourself?
9.   tell me 5 traits that your prince charming absolutely must have
10. who is your favourite superhero? why?
11. tell me one person in the world that you love the most

and who i'm tag?
i tag all of you that read this post...

Sunday, September 30, 2012

Happy Mooncake Festival !!

hi everyone!!!!
today we're celebrating a moon festival !!!
it's quite a big celebration in China..
when we celebrate the full moon and high tide..
suddenly tonight i just want to post something about it..
and then i decide to make a Chang E's look..
Chang E is the Chinesse moon goddess..
about the story of how she became the goddess, 
i can't tell you..
because there's so many version of this story..
and which one is the original ones, i really have no idea about it..
but you can read some of the story from the source that i linked below..

here's just a random picts of Chang E

so, enough for the prolog i guess..
here's my Chang E's look..

*err.. plz don't laugh.. hahaa... *

so.. that's my Change E version with my jade rabbit..
i just put gel eyeliner with red lipstick..
i know, that a lot of womans image in Chinese vintage art is usually/always wear flowers in their hair..
but i don't have any fake/real flowers.. 
so i just wear random ribbons and put it randomly.. 

picts with mooncake.. 
celebrate celebrate...

here's some more pictures of my jade rabbit..
actually handmade by me..

so that's it..
actually this is the fastest post that i ever made..
so, what do you think about this Chang E's look..?
it's nearly halloween time, maybe some of you that celebrate can dress up as Chang E..
i think it will be nice to dress up as a goddess in halloween.. :)

nb :  don't forget to check out the full moon at 00:00 tonight
i heard that the most beautiful full moon scene and high tide is at that time..
see you.. and happy mooncake festival !!!

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Revlon Touch and Glow Extra Moisturizing Face Powder

Revlon Touch and Glow Extra Moisturizing Face Powder

Hi ..! Today i want to write a review about revlon face powder series touch and glow extra moisturizing face powder. 
I use this products for maybe about 2 months or more..and i like it!!
so, here it is.. 

mine is in cream ivory 38, the saleswoman choose this color for me..
and i really believe in her choices.. she never give any wrong suggestions..
also for this time, it really suits me well... ^o^

at the time i photographed these pictures, incidentally i just washed the original sponge from revlon..
but honestly i'm not too fond with the sponge.. it's really thin..
the revlon microfine face powder's original sponge is much more better..
i got this for IDR 35.000 or USD 3,67

look, it almost empty.. 

+ :  it makes my face look glow and soft, but still very natural
      also i can feel the moisturize feeling after using this --> compare to others face powder
      affordable and easy to find
      travel friendly, since the packaging isn't too big like some other face powder
      it have transparent jar, and that make us easier to find the right colour

-  :  i don't like the sponge.. 

Monday, June 18, 2012

i lost my nails

i lost my nails

this is the beginning..
i lost the pinkie nail at my right hand first..

and then all nail in my left hand..

my left hand right now,,..
back to ugly..

this is my right hand..

lost nail at pinkie.. and the others is get shorter..
will it to be continued??

due to emotional issue,
my habbit of biting my nails is coming back..
actually it isn't just bite, 
i also always of clean my nails or cut it when i get depressed or oppressed or stifled and else..
like, when my thesis was almost reached the deadline, i cut my nails every single day..
btw, i think almost all of my sentences in this post has mistaken grammar..
i'm really not sure that this is really understanding to everyone, except me..
but i just can't thinking..

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Knitted Pouch

knitted pouch..

actually this is my first project that i did when i learned knitting, not Sugar bunny called nicky..
i just post it now, because it just done like 1 month ago..
i just lazy to sew the finishing part.. >,<
here's the look..

i add 3 buttons on it, and make a face look..(eyes and nose)
also add beads to lock up the pouch.. 
i think it looks cute enough, but i must admit that the finihing is pretty messy.. :(
but well.. just learn from the mistakes.. *cheer my self*

actually i have the step by step of making this, but it's in my camera..
and now the camera is broken.. 
so this is just the end of my post, 
pardon my dull face, i was getting ready to bed..Zz..Zzz..zz
bye.. :)

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Biore cleansing oil sheet

hellooo... today i will write a review about biore cleansing oil sheet..
here it is..

here's me using this.. 

as you can see in picture above
my left under eye area is darker because this tissue removes my under eye concealer..
also my left face, it removes my two way cake easily..
unfortunately i don't wear any mascara / eyeliner, but this tissue also remove them easily..
price : IDR 22.000 / USD 2.37

the tissue that i already used..

+ : removes make up easily and quickly
     also removes waterproof mascara and eyeliner
     doesn't hurt my eyes when i used to remove make up on eye area

-  : nothing.. i love this.. ^.^