Saturday, April 28, 2012

Acnes Sealing Jell

Acnes Sealing Jell

somehow i decided to try a new 'thing' to help me fight my acnes..
and i just pick this acnes sealing jell..
actually, i choose this because my daily acnes treatment, acnes point clear was out of stock..

so, this is what it looks like..

the jell color is transparent yellow in reality.. 
i don't know why it looks white on picture..

price : IDR 15000 / USD 1,63

+ :  treat my minor acnes
- :  

it don't works to such a big bold red acne.. (just like any other acne medication--in jell form--do)..

Tuesday, April 3, 2012


by : Cornelia Funke

this book consist of 400 pages.
this book also contain really pretty illustrations related to the story..!!!

here's the synopsis :

when human began to harras the dragon valley, they asked their elder about what should they do next.
The elder of dragons said that maybe they can move out to a place called horizon.
But nobody believe in him, since horizon is a legend place.
 or they just lazy or not brave enough to go find where horizon is.
Except one dragon named Lung.

Lung search horizon with his goblin friend called Bulubelerang at first.
Later, he accompanied by a boy called Ben.
There's an enemy called Nesselbrand, a dragon hunter in form of a gold dragon.
Nesselbrand is purely evil, and chasing dragons is the only reason of his live and what he lives for.

In the middle of Lung's and friends journey, Kakiranting, a homunkulus and also Nesselbrand's spy.
Their journey is really filled with exciting, yet hard adventure.

my opinion :
OMG !!!!!!! i really love this book!!!
i felt really difficult to stop in the middle of story..
the adventure is really exciting, thrilling, and touch at the same time..
my favourite character is Kakiranting, he's really cute..and sweet..
if you like fantasy stories, *like me*, of course you will LOVE this book..!!
and btw, this books has no love story between men and woman, but of course there's love in other way.