Monday, March 24, 2014

Nivea Visage - Refreshing Cleansing Milk

hi everyone...
today i will share about a cleansing milk...
i really try out from a bunch of different brand in order to find my 'soul mate' milk cleanser..

so, here's the look...

what it says on the packaging..

Nivea Visage aqua effect 
refreshing cleansing milk 
for normal skin type

Nivea Visage aqua effect refreshing cleansing milk enriched with vitamin E and hydra IQ :
cleanse thorough, remove the remnants of make up even waterproof mascara 
- maintain skin's natural moisture
- skin feels fresh
- softens skin with vitamin E 

 feel the sensation of a fresh skin
skin thoroughly cleansed and refreshed, healthy looking and beautiful

how to use :
Smooth on the skin with a gentle massage in small circular motion on the face and neck area with fingertips or cotton. Wash with cotton or water. So soft so that it can be used to clean the area around the eyes. 

for optimal results use Nivea aqua effect Refreshing Toner too
has proven by dermatology and ophthalmology suitable for skin

nah.. here's my face...
i used concealer and two way cake...


 put it on my skin...
massage on circular motion just like the instruction..

swabbed with cotton..
here's the dirty cotton.. 

my clean face...!! 

 overall, this is my favorite milk cleanser now..
i think that this is the most suitable milk cleanser for my skin which i ever tried until now
since it doesn't burn my nose the other 2 that i had tried before...
and i already tried to used it around my eyes area, and it feels good...
not sting my eye at all...!!!
i got this for IDR 13.000 or USD 1.3

+ : gentle
    doesn't burn my nose area
     cleanse well
     not sting when used around eyes

-  : nothiiingggg

i bought this product with my own money...
and my opinions above based by my experience by using this products

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Looxchallenge - February - Cirque du Soleil

as you can see from the picture above..
today i will post my look inspired by cirque du soleil...
this is the theme of the month February and also to celebrate the 3rd year anniversary of  looxperiments
and it's sponsored by misslie-collection, wardah cosmetics, and indomakeup..

i already searched, and i found that cirque du soleil have so many theme...
i kind of gasped about how many theme of performances that they had..
all of the theme are very amazing, i really have a hard time to choose which one that i really love the most..

but, hey, i have to choose right...
and this is the one that i like the most..

ahhhhh... sooooo beautiful....
*sigh* i want those flexibility...

and, here's my look...
 ta daaaaaa....

happy birthday....dear looxperiments

here's the closer look...

even more closer look


eyes closed...

another pic spam... =)
one of the snapshot that i used for the gif picture above...

so, happy birthday looxperiments 
i really enjoy reading all the posts in it...
thank you to all the founders and the team...
i wishing all the best for you, 
best regards from your follower <3 br="">

Thursday, March 6, 2014

2014 Wishlist

hi, today i want to write about my wishlist...
why i write this post..??
it's actually because i read this post by Sekararum..
i really like her blog..!!!! her style of writing is absolutely honest, interesting, and cheerful... =)
after read her wishlist post... i want to make my wishlist too..!!
so, here they are...
some of them actually i already want since last year or even more..
but somehow i never really did buy them..

1. pointe shoe..
first of all, i'm not a ballerina..
my mom take me to a ballet course when i'm little...
but, you know.. i just got bored..with all the classic music things.. so, i quit..
and then, the course is closed too.. because the owner is moving out..
but yeah... i just want to learn how to stand up using this...and then walk..and i will figured out what next after i can do those two things first..

and.. don't forget the toe pads.. because it definitely will hurt.....

2. Heelys shoe
i really want to use these when i go out..
since i can't ride anything..
so i think it will be really cool if i just slide with these from place to place...
cool or weird?? my fiance tells me that it is weird, but i think it is really cool and awesome.. and less tiring than regular walk..

3. Roller skate shoes...
i really want exactly like in this picture below..
i found it in an online shop, maybe last year.. but i didn't buy it..
and now, when writing this post...
i know that the shop that sell this is now CLOSED..
what @$^*(*TW^RW^&%
arrrrrrrghhhhhh.... where i can buy it now????????????

4. Hula hoop
i'm not only want this, i actually NEED this...!!

5. Coastal scents 88 ultra shimmer palette
i love shimmer eyeshadow.. and this palette has 88 colors of it...
no need to talk more.. i want this...

6. Pink make up brushes
they're so adorable...!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

7. Brand new sewing machine
i really got headache what i suppose to choose a sewing machine.. 
there's tons of options... and i'm a newbie..  
what i always used is a vintage sewing machine that has pedal on it...
and you can only adjust the stitch length..
i want a new sewing machine that can sew and finish the edges of the fabric too..
it's much more practical than i have to go out and get the edges of my fabric done at tailor..
and then come home and continue the project..
i actually really don't know how to use this kind of sewing machine...
but yeah, if i buy it i must figure it out somehow... there should be a manual book and hopefully a great salesperson, and so far youtube never fail to impress me...

8. Mannequin
i want one for making dresses...
and another one in my actual size to keep my wedding dress... =)


 that's all in my mind right now...
see you in my next post.. =)