Tuesday, October 29, 2013

AWESOME last minute halloween costume idea

hi everyone..
are u celebrate halloween ????
well...my country does not celebrate Halloween..

 but somehow...i just got an idea for you, 
who celebrate halloween and have no time or don't have enough preparation to celebrate...

there are some requirements... okay??

so, if you : 
have long straight black hair

this idea is really great for you!!!

 well, you maybe already guess what it is...
yep it's asian female ghost...
seriously i really out of my mind since like... forever...maybe..
why all of those asian female ghosts are always ALWAYS...


have long straight black hair, pale, and thin

just for example :

Sadako Yamamura from The Ring

got it??????
okay.. this is my version

happy halloween =)

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Olalaa~ Silhouette

hi everyone...

today i just post about my random photos at bali..
all of these pictures taken by big baby..

suddenly i ask my big baby to take my silhouette photos...

not really a full silhouette photo.. since you can still see my face there.. =)
but yeah..i think it's pretty close and beautiful...


the next 2 photos which are absolutely my favorites...

notice something new?????
yeeessss... i watermarked my pictures... 

big baby want to say helloooo...


Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Ello Epeng

hi guys..
today i gonna talk about a t-shirt store called Ello Epeng
this store is based in Indonesia..
they can be contacted at http://www.elloepeng.blogspot.com/  or at their facebook page here

they gave me a cute couple t-shirt!!
couple t-shirt is quite in these days... 
but, usually it's really hard to find couple t-shirt in here that fit to me and my big baby..
since he is... you know.. big.. and i just average??

but.. with Ello Epeng, we can go through it.. 
they can made my big baby's t-shirt in size XXL, and mine is M.. 
sooo... the problem is...solved..

and also, we can make a personalized order..
you can design your own t-shirt!!
just like my big baby did! 

mine t-shirt is said that i love Mr. Moustache with pictures a head of boy with giant mustache
and big baby's t-shirt said i love Ms. Bangs with pictures a head a girl with long hair and front bangs
both of them are black haired.. since that like our cartoonese?? err..is cartoonese a right word?

the price for basic white t-shirt is about IDR 60.000..
the price may vary if you choose the coloured t-shirt or personalized design...