Sunday, April 26, 2015

Maybelline Color Sensational - 235 Warm Me Up

Hi everyone..
Today i will write a review about Maybelline Color Sensational in no 235 Warm Me Up..
Here it is....

and, the bullet..

I got this for IDR 69.900 or about USD 6.9

I buy this because i want MLBB (my lip but better) lipstick..
 So, i go to the mall and check out some lipsticks...
but i don't want to try the tester on my lip..
If you like me, don't like to try on lipsticks tester on your lip.. i got a nice tip for you...

I have read somewhere, that you can swatch them on your fingertips..
Why fingertip, because the color is closer to your natural lip color ...
I think swatch on palm is great for base/face/eye products...not lip products.. 
 If you want your lip color look like your swatch on your palm, you definitely have to conceal your natural lip color before applying your lipstick..

So, i swatch them on my fingertip, and this one has the most natural looks...
and then.. I adopted this baby....
It's a perfect MLBB lipstick...

This is my bare lip....

swatch on my lip...

+  : I really love the color!!!!!!!!!

-  : Nothing

I bought this product with my own money...
and my opinions above based by my experience by using this product

Sunday, April 12, 2015

March 2015 empties

Hi everyone..
This is some products that i finished in last month...

1. Mustika Ratu 2 in 1 Whitening Face Cleanser
This is my everyday cleanser..
I super LOVE this... Wonder why i'm not post a review about it until now...
Already finished this so many times...

2. Nivea Visage Refreshing Cleansing Milk
This is my FAVORITE cleansing milk that i ever tried...
Already write a review about it here

3. LT Pro Simply Touch Eye Make Up Remover
I LOVE this...!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I already reviewed it here

4. Rexona Women Whitening 48 Hours Anti-perspirant Deodorant 
A prevention from bad body odor...
5. Clean & Clear Active Clear Speed Clearing Acne Gel
 This is something that i always have and restock...
I have some posts featuring this product  here and here

That's it for this post...
See ya.. =)

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

DIY Flower Pot

Hi everyone..!!!
Today i want to share my latest diy..
Actually it is my husband idea, when i'm about to throw away the empty plastic bottle in our house.
He said that it can be transformed into a flower pot, since we're always runs out of it anyway...

So, here we are...

What we need :

1. Empty plastic bottle
2. Cutter or knife
3. Scissors

How to make :

1. Cut the bottle on your desire about the tall of your flower pot

2. Trim the edges if needed

3. Make some holes in the bottom of your bottle

4. First, place some small stone or gravel

5. Fill in with soil

6. Choose the plant that you want to put in it.
i choose this one which has the yellow flower.

7. Put in the plant into the flower pot. Put soil and press with your finger.

8. It's completed..!!! YAY

I'm pretty happy with the result...
It's easy, quick, and really useful..
For myself, i want to grow a vegetable garden..
I think it will be really awesome when i want to cook something and grab the ingredients right from my own garden..

so, that's it for this post..
see you in my next post... =)