Saturday, December 19, 2015

Dear Santa Claus

Hello everyone....!!
As Christmas is almost here, today i want to invite you to look back at your childhood moment..
Do you wrote a letter to Santa Claus during Christmas?
Do you remember the excitement?

As you know, yesterday i found a really amazing website named Spring.
I found so many great things there, like i browse for hours and hours there..
They really surprised me with all of the great options that they had..
And it's really hard to pick just a few..
But, after a long journey in the website. Here some of my top picks from

I have a big interest in yoga, i have some yoga workout dvds, some apps, videos. But i think it will be very amazing to have a personal yoga training. I always do it only by myself, so there's no one will tell me if i do it right or wrong.

 Also the Oliver Sport Bra which is super chic and sexy. I don't own any sport bra until now.. 
I read that a backless top / dress can distract the fact that you're flat me..

A really great literature. It will never gets old. Whenever you read it, it will turns out beautiful no matter what.

Try It Kit from Smashbox. 
Smashbox isn't available yet in my country. But i'm pretty curious about this brand..

I think that's it for this post..
It's not too late if you want to start to write a letter to Santa..
Have a great Christmas..!!!

Source of the other pictures:
Bis surat from

Wednesday, December 9, 2015

November 2015 Haul

Hello everyone..
Today i will share some of my haul that i did last month..
I did haul a little bit too much than usual...
Well, first...

Let's start with the clothes,

I just got 2 items, but i do like them A LOT..

It's a black long sleeve shrug.
I already want a shrug for a long time, and never find one that i like..
I always...ALWAYS find it in dark red or maroon color which is not what i want..
I want it in neutral or pastel color..
And look what i found at 50% off rack..
a BLACK shrug..
The actual price is IDR 117.000 or USD 8.36
But i got this for IDR 58.500 or USD 4.18

Still at the 50% off rack...
Look what i found..
I'm SOOOOOOO excited when i saw this...


A red cardigan with snowflake pattern...
This cardigan is SCREAM Christmas loudly...
Omigosh... I.L.O.V.E.I.T.
The actual price is IDR 186.000 or USD 13.3
But i got this for IDR 93.000 or USD 6.65

Okay, next...

The beauty / make up things....

1. Nivea White Make Up Clear 2 in 1 Foam
I want this right after watch Katherin Laksmana's video.
I really want to try this product, because i SUPER LOVE Nivea milk cleanser..
Like i mention in my review here..
The actual price is IDR 30.750 or about USD 2.2
but i got 30% off, so it's only IDR 21.525 or USD 1.54

2. Emina Creme de la Creme Lipstick in 05 Charlotte's Red
I want to make a Christmas Look video..
And i think i need a red lipstick, and i don't have any..
I got this for IDR 29.700 or about USD 2.12

3. The Nudes by Maybelline
I already eyeing this for soooooooo looong in youtube...
I want it super badly after watching xteeener talk about this eyeshadow palette.
I am so want this that i don't even wait for the buy 2 get 1 free promo that is always held regularly at the department store..
*ahem* if you don't know that i'm a cheapskate..
My motto is To Shop When It Sale..
Which is absolutely against my Maybelline purchase here.
I got this for IDR 150.000 or about USD 10.72

4. Maybelline Master Liner WH-1
 Well, someone is trying to line her waterline...
And a nude color eyeliner seems impossible to find here,
so i just had to accept the situation and try the white eyeliner instead..
I got this for IDR 38.000 or USD 2.71

5. Maybelline Color Show Eyeliner no 13 Metallic Purple
I really tempted to try color eyeliner for quite a while.
And i don't have any eyeliner in purple,
and i need some things to make my purchase above IDR 200.000 to get a free pouch..
I got this for IDR 33.000 or USD 2.36

6. The free pouch
The pouch to redeem that i didn't get any discount or wait for the department store promo..
There are 2 options at the display, but i like this one better..

Well, there's something special in this haul.

I included one kitchen utensil and some sauces..

I already search for this some time ago and not found it..
In the end i bought 'something' sauce that has mirin in the ingredients list..
I need this to make ramen egg to upgrade my instant ramen to the next level..
I got this for IDR 35.750 or USD 2.55

Hoisin Sauce
I bought this because i want to try cook Peking duck..
Which is a FAILED..
*Sigh* You know when the process is SUPER SUPER LOONG and ended up failed..
 Here sneak a peek of  my failed Peking duck..

Hot Bean Paste
At first i bought this because i couldn't find gochujang at a department store.
I try to replace the gochujang with this. 
I got this for IDR 37.500 or USD 2.67

I found it..!!!!!!!!!!
In another department store... 
I got this for IDR 42.070 or USD 3

Maxim Ultra Grill
I got this for IDR 137.000 or USD 9.77
My friends took me out in a Korean bistro, they said that the samgyeopsal is awesome..
And it really is..!!
My big baby and me kind of tempted out to make this at home.
Well, it turns out good but not awesome like the bistro has.
Here's my samgyeopsal photos...

Books and Coloring Pencil

I want an adult coloring book... i want...i want...
I actually had ordered online for Jetoy Coloring book, and ended up that the item is out of stock..
It is sold out everywhere..
I ended up go to Gramedia and search there...
Well, there's no Jetoy, but the Secret Garden looks beautiful...
Oh, and the Color of Art is my big baby's..
He wants to get one too..
And of course the coloring pencils... =)
Warning..!! All of the pictures below is photobombed by Gembung..

Secret Garden is IDR 135.000 or USD 9.63
 Color of Art is IDR 65.000 or USD 4.64
Faber Castell 48 Classic Colour Pencils is IDR 140.000 or USD 9.99

 I couldn't help myself to pet her..

*hello everyone*

So, that's it for this post..
See you again next time..
Bye.. =)

Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Cleaning Out My Make Up Area

Hello everyone..!!
A few days ago i decide to tidy up my beauty area..
Well.. I'm a super messy person..
And that day i think that the mess is too much already, and i have to tidying up and organized it a bit..

Well, i already told you that i'm a messy person, right...
Here's my messy beauty area..

Back then, my big baby teased me that my room is a perfect image for searching game..
You know, a game that you must find some objects.. 

A close up view..

And here it is....!!!!!!!
My clean make up area...
Ouuww yeaahhh...


Some close view... 

And here's some things that i throw away...

All of the face masks are already expired.
The hair conditioner is soooooooo old..
I can't find the expiry date though..
The both lipsticks i already had for quite a long time and they both smell bad..
The mascara, also have bad smell..
The sunblock is already expired..

So, that's it for this post..
See you later...