Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Amazing Twotoothbig English - day 1

my beloved TuTu

I don't know TuTu is a male or female..
but i will called she...because i think that TuTu is female..

She is my birthday gift from my big baby...
that's so amazing gift so i use it to be her first name..

i just saw how to train your dragon 3d in cinema...
and i just loooovvveeeee that movie!!!!!!!
toothless is soooooo cute!!!!!!!!

that's the idea of her middle name : Twotoothbig..
i knew that is must be teeth..but i think tooth is more cute...
and i think it's reprent bunny so much...

and from this middle name i got a nickname for her : TuTu... that's just sooo cute....!!!

her last name is English..
my best friend Melly inspirate me.
she found a similar rabbit pictures in a rabbit book .
so TuTu is an English rabbit type according to the book...

because of that.. i named her Amazing Twotoothbig English...
with TuTu as her nickname...
love her soooooo muccchhhh !!!!

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