Wednesday, February 16, 2011

R.I.P my beloved TuTu :'((

dear my beloved bunny...
TuTu who died a month ago..


the happiness that you bring..
peace that you give..
is unforgettable..

your nose, your eyes, your ears, your lips, your tongue...
are the most beautiful combination in this world..

i still remember...
how i was amazed to my dear big baby...
amazed that he bring you in my birthday..

and amazed of you..

soft, curious, never give up, and entertaining 
are the words that appears when i saw you..

your poo on my bed..

until you can poo on the provided space..

that guilty face when you broke my mouse...

your stocking charm when you meet HoLi..

that spoiled act when you aren't feeling well...

but i'm sure..
that you have a wonderful time and many wonderful friends over the rainbow right now..
btw don't forget, you must be acquainted with pavlov, louie, kevin, and 2 bunnies..
they're your brother and sister..

*nb: these pictures i took at the time he was sleeping and alive*



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