Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Circus Theme

before the graduation day, my uni had a judisium event..
and the theme that my department choose is circus carnival..

here's is the ticket...

as u can see, the dresscode is circus and a person at least use 3 circus accecories..
my big baby dress up as a magician,
 and i dress up as a ... i don't know...  a random performer or magician's assistant..?? ,and my bff, melly as a gypsy..
but i have no pictures the 3 of us, they're is in my big baby's cellphone..

*blurry pictures* sorry...
these pictures taken before the judicium day..

my big baby accecories were made by us together..
no pictures of the wand and robe making..
my accesories are bought or i have it already..
only the gloves that made by me.. but no pictures of making them.. sorry.. >.<

the wand is just a stick that covered by black ribbon,
 then paste white ribbon at top and bottom of the stick..

for the robe, i burn the edges of the fabric, then fold the top about 3 or 4 cms, and sew..
that will made a hole, than insert a ribbon through it..
that's for the robe.. 

here's the step of making the hat.. 

here's the hat..
it's done.. phew..

the hat with another accesories.. :)

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