Sunday, February 12, 2012

Nobody's Boy

today i will post about a book that i just reread..
i reread it in order to make sure the story, because i want to do a blog post about it..
i really love books, that's why i put the word 'book' to my blog name..
*is it right that i called it blog name??  err.. *

so.. this is the book that i will post about..

the title is Nobody's Boy
written by Hector Malot

this book has 378 pages
the story is about a life of a child named Remi.
he was stolen and then being adopted by Mr and Mrs Barberin.
Mrs. Barberin is really love him like her own son, but Mr. Barberin isn't..
and at the middle of Barberin's money crisis--that Barberin's family isn't wealthy--, Mr. Barberin sold Remi to a street musicians, called Signor Vitalis. 
with Segnor Vitalis, the adventure of Remi begins..
Remi got a lot of life lessons from the Signor and a father figure also..
in his journey, he meets goods people, also some bad people, 
having good friends, finding his own family, and don't forget that struggle to live..

i found that this book is pretty touching..
Remi's way to survive, he's really a good boy, even though in difficult situations..

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