Wednesday, March 7, 2012

My Nail !!

i just sooooo excited !!!
now i have long nails

i kind of tired of having super short (and ugly) nails..
*that because i biting them every single day, my bad*
so one day i just made a commitment to myself for not biting it and grow it well..

and my first step to get pretty nail is bought a nail polish..
in order to make my nails prettier,
so i don't want to bite them..

this is my nail polish..
it's number 008 - Sheer Mauve..
i want a pretty nude colour, and the saleswoman suggest this colour..

also she suggest the double twist (base & top coat)

the price of nail polish is about USD 3.62 or IDR 33.000
and the double twist is about USD 3.62 or IDR 33.000 too..

here's my bare nails..

here's the result..
base coat - nail polish - top coat
-look naturally pretty, i guess-

and this is my current nails

so proud !!! i don't bite them for 2 weeks !!!
YAY !!!


  1. yep i put on nail polish so i can let them grow, my nails are weak so if i dont have anything on them they usually break!

  2. its a really good method to stop biting ur nails :D!!

  3. Wooa, so cool ! I just started to stop it but it is so difficult!! ><