Sunday, January 13, 2013

Looxperiments - Sweet Lolita

hi guys..
today i did a look challenge in looxperiments
i already followed it for such a long time ago..
looxperiments usually had a make up challenge every month..
but i never participated in it.. i just take a look..

sometimes i feel i want to join in the challenge..
but i never make it...

but today i make it..
actually the deadline is today at 00:00 
and now is 22:58..
omigosh  >.<

the challenge is Lolita !!
how cuteeeee!!
so i decided to make it today...without knowing that the deadline is actually today...
*writing at maximum speed*

so, just to the point..
here's my sweet lolita looks...
well.. i hope it looks like sweet lolita's look...

detailed eye make up
*note: i'm not too good in make up*
*especially eyeshadow, eyebrow...etc*

 more pictures..
i sent this picture to my big baby...
and his first reaction is "whatzzzz????"
eh...really sounds not good.. 

so, what do you think???
*hosh hosh... i made iittt... now 23:17*


  1. This is a very cute and pretty look. Love the add on sparkle gem :)

  2. I like your eye make! :D
    it's very pretty, well done! (:

  3. @ all above... aww... thank youuu so muchh... =)

  4. pretty! dont forget to enter my 1 st giveaway. thanks :)

  5. this is TOO cute!

    & join my giveaway if you would like! :D

  6. I like your eye makeup. I think it is cute and unique. c:

  7. i always looking at looxperiments contects but never join Dx you are so cute!! i love your eyemake up :3

    visit my blog ^^

  8. I love your lashes! So cute~~ and you make a cute lolita as well. :D

  9. aww, it's so cute! I like the extra sparkles <3 Joining a challenge sounds like much fun ! It would be perfect for me, that way I won't slack with trying out new looks 8)