Saturday, April 20, 2013

Giveaway - Lalaluna 1st Anniversary

hi everyone..
today i will post about a giveaway at
if you want to join to, just visit here 
i'm already followed her for some months..not i followed her just now to join this giveaway..
i like her nail art, and make up style...
she's really pretty!!! actually i can't believe that she's already have a baby.. because she's totally super cute..

so, just.. 
onto the pictures...

 i made a conversation bubble.. which is said happy anniversary..
and i write lalaluna at my nail.. 

 the picture should be taken like this..
but you can't see alphabet at my nails.. >.<

here's more pictures of my conversation bubble..and also my nails..

she said that we must shout the greetings through creations...and we can make anything!! from make up look, nail art, draw, craft, etc..
and here i decided to make..hmm..a craft creation??
i cross stitched the word happy, since i loooooveee cross stiching since i was in elementary..
and.. the anniversary word is embroided..
eh, to be honest.. this is my first embroidery ever.. so, i hope it turns out well..

and at the end..
Happy 1st Anniversary Lalaluna..

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