Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Ello Epeng

hi guys..
today i gonna talk about a t-shirt store called Ello Epeng
this store is based in Indonesia..
they can be contacted at http://www.elloepeng.blogspot.com/  or at their facebook page here

they gave me a cute couple t-shirt!!
couple t-shirt is quite in these days... 
but, usually it's really hard to find couple t-shirt in here that fit to me and my big baby..
since he is... you know.. big.. and i just average??

but.. with Ello Epeng, we can go through it.. 
they can made my big baby's t-shirt in size XXL, and mine is M.. 
sooo... the problem is...solved..

and also, we can make a personalized order..
you can design your own t-shirt!!
just like my big baby did! 

mine t-shirt is said that i love Mr. Moustache with pictures a head of boy with giant mustache
and big baby's t-shirt said i love Ms. Bangs with pictures a head a girl with long hair and front bangs
both of them are black haired.. since that like our cartoonese?? err..is cartoonese a right word?

the price for basic white t-shirt is about IDR 60.000..
the price may vary if you choose the coloured t-shirt or personalized design...

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