Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Revlon Lip Make Up Remover

hi everyone..!!!
today i will write a review about my current lip make up remover from revlon
here it is...

what it says on the bottle :

wipe off lip makeup instantly, gently without smudging, scrubbing, or stinging delicate lips. Oil-free formula that is suitable for Revlon Colorstay, Moisture Lipstick, Outrageous, Living and other lipstick.

Directions :
- moisten cotton with Revlon Lip Makeup Remover
- wipes off lipstick gently
- rinse with water

so, onto the test....

my lips with lipstick on...

the remover is water based and it is clear..
here's i already soaked my cotton pad with the remover..

then rubbed onto my lip..
here's the dirty cotton..

finally my clean lip..!!!

i must say that it cleans really really well..
no need to rubbing, and no smudging lipstick...
but, i feel a bit of tingling sensation on my lip when using this..
it's not hurt, but i feel kind of weird..
so, if you already tried this product and feel the tingling sensation, please comment down below..
so i will know that i'm not alone...

i got this product for IDR 29.000 or USD 2,9 for 60 mls of product...
oh, and i bought this with my own money...

+ :  cleans well 
      doesn't smudge
      since it's water based, so no greasy feel after using this
-  : has tingling sensation when used

that's it for today..
see you in my next post... =)


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    1. thx u.. =) u also have a lovely blog... =) love the pink theme..

  2. Thanks for your honest review

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    1. thx u.. i have entered your giveaway.. =) thx for stopping by.. =)

  3. Your Natural Lips are so pretty, thanks for the review!


    1. thx u... =)
      i stop by at your blog.. that's really beautiful blog.. i love to read your review.. =)