Sunday, May 20, 2012

Knitted Pouch

knitted pouch..

actually this is my first project that i did when i learned knitting, not Sugar bunny called nicky..
i just post it now, because it just done like 1 month ago..
i just lazy to sew the finishing part.. >,<
here's the look..

i add 3 buttons on it, and make a face look..(eyes and nose)
also add beads to lock up the pouch.. 
i think it looks cute enough, but i must admit that the finihing is pretty messy.. :(
but well.. just learn from the mistakes.. *cheer my self*

actually i have the step by step of making this, but it's in my camera..
and now the camera is broken.. 
so this is just the end of my post, 
pardon my dull face, i was getting ready to bed..Zz..Zzz..zz
bye.. :)