Monday, June 18, 2012

i lost my nails

i lost my nails

this is the beginning..
i lost the pinkie nail at my right hand first..

and then all nail in my left hand..

my left hand right now,,..
back to ugly..

this is my right hand..

lost nail at pinkie.. and the others is get shorter..
will it to be continued??

due to emotional issue,
my habbit of biting my nails is coming back..
actually it isn't just bite, 
i also always of clean my nails or cut it when i get depressed or oppressed or stifled and else..
like, when my thesis was almost reached the deadline, i cut my nails every single day..
btw, i think almost all of my sentences in this post has mistaken grammar..
i'm really not sure that this is really understanding to everyone, except me..
but i just can't thinking..


  1. I'm nominating you for the Liebster Blog award, please check

    Thank you ^-^

    p.s. oh mai, I hope you will stress less so your nails can grow long again! Maybe you should dip them in hot sauce. When I saw the title I thought you actually lost your nails :o Good luck!

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  4. i also hate if my nails are broken T_T

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