Thursday, February 28, 2013

NYX Eyeshadow Trio ( Golden/Rust/Walnut Bronze )

hello everyone...
today i will review about eyeshadow trio from NYX
i love NYX products and really want to get more products from NYX..
but it's pretty 'ouch' because the price here is doubled.. 

actually i can get it cheaper if i ordered it in online shop..
but i don't like or maybe just scared to buy cosmetic/skincare from online shop..
i afraid to get fake things..that made in somewhere and contains something dangerous..
actually for clothes/shoes/bag is okay.. but make up... errr... i just to afraid..
so, i always bought cosmetics at counter...

so long intro eh..
here it is..
my NYX eyeshadow trio
Golden/Rust/Walnut Bronze

*triple shadows for sexy babe's eyes only !!!!*
so, i'm sexy (hoping).. hahaaa.. =p

i forgot the exact price i got this..
maybe about USD 15,6 or IDR 150.000

swatch on my hand..
i like the texture of this eyeshadow trio..
this 3 shadows has the same texture, all has great pigmentation..
not chalky, has shimmer.. and the shimmer isn't fall out..

+ : love the texture
     love the colours also
     love the packaging
     arrrgghhh i looovveee it

-  : the price!!! why oh why it just doubled when it comes here...=(((

note : i bought this with my own money.. and this post honestly my opinion based on my experience..

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  1. they looks soo pretty! <3 great review dear~ :3