Friday, March 1, 2013

Shibao by Tsubasa Nunoura

another series from Tsubasa Nunoura!!!!!!!!!
(author of Sentaro,which is the best comic ever!!!!!!)

i bought these at fair at my university some years ago..
it's not a brand new, it's already second-handed when i buy it...but in good condition..
what make me grab this comic is the author...
"Tsubasa Nunoura".. Sentaro's author..
and actually he/she is totally my favourite comic writer in this whole world...

so, here it is...
i had no 1 to 5.. i don't know how many books in this series...
i hope it just 5.. hehee...
because it's really difficult to find..

 this comics talk about a journey of a shiba puppy named Shibao..
about how he became homeless and how he's separated from his mother is not being told..
but Mr/Ms Tsubasa give us a little piece story of how they got separated...

Shibao meet a lot of people and animals in his journey..
his presence always give meanings to people / animals that associated with him..
he's a stray puppy that kind and well-trained..

there's some time that people invited he to stay..
but, Shibao is just stay a while and then continued his journey..
 he don't like to be a pet, but he mostly live by provision of human..

his journey ends when he found his mom..but nobody know i guess..
or it's being told in the next book?? 
i don't know..since i never found this comic series again from then until now..

and at the end of this post..
i just want to say, "go ahed, Shibao.. stay healthy and good luck"


  1. really cute these are:)X