Sunday, September 22, 2013

Pond's White Beauty Cleansing Milk

today i want to share about my cleansing milk that i usually use
it's Pond's  white beauty cleansing milk..

here's the look..
white bottle with pink cap..
look very girly.. in my opinion..

actually i've been using this for some long time before i decided to write about it.. bottle is nearly empty..

 *sorry for this bad picture.. =o *

what it says on the bottle..:
Skin looks bright naturally as beautiful as pearl luster.
Pond's white beauty cleansing milk formula's now equipped with pearl nutrients, vitamin B3 and AHA which can remove impurities and make up, without make dried skin.
Clean face skin, feel smooth and bright naturally as beautiful as pearl luster.

how to use:
Rubbed on face and then wipe it off with cotton. Use Pond's white beauty lightening toner afterwards.

1. During usage to avoid direct contact with sunlight.
2. Do not use around the eyes, mouth and other mucous membranes.
3. For optimum results, use with products that contains SPF 15 at least.
4. In case of hypersensitivity reactions (burning, redness) stop use this product

 here's the swatch..
a white lotion..

my face before cleaning..
note : i use two way cake and concealer..

 here's the cotton that i already use vs the new ones..
after i use as the direction mention above..

my clean face..
see that red acne on my cheek??

NB : my skin in around the nose is feel burn if i do not immediately wipe it..
and my nose area became red after i wiped it .
but the rest of my face is okay..
so to overcome this, i clean the nose area at the end of my cleans face routine, and directly wiped it with cotton..
 does any of you got this reaction?? or it just me?? please comment below... 
i like to hear your experience.. =)

note : i bought this with my own money
and my opinion above is honest and based by my own experience of using this product...

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  1. Looks like its a really good cleansing milk! It's weird how it burns around the nose area though o.o