Wednesday, November 27, 2013

OPI - Princessess Rule!

hi everyone..
today i will post about my current favorite nail polish!!!!!!!!!!
it's OPI in Princessess Rule!
yes, exclamation mark included...

i search for a pink glittery nail polish since...i start use nail polish???
but i couldn't find it anywhereeee.....

so, when i found an OPI counter at a mall..
hey, they must have a glittery pink nail polish...
since they have soooo many color there...

and... guess what????
i FOUND it!!!!!!!!

 it's a really beautiful pink color with super tiny glitter in it...

it's pink and glittery..and pretty...
exactly just like what i want in a nail polish...

omigosh it's sooo beautifull...
i know that the swatch is really clear and a bit hard to see the color..
it looks natural, but give your nails a beautiful glow healthy pink color
this is the color of my nails since 3 months ago-that i just got it- till now..

i bought this for IDR 195.000 or USD 19.5 for 15ml

+ : pretty color !!!!!!!
     nice consistency.. not too runny or too thick
     the brush is in perfect size
     good quality...
-  : priceyyyyyy.... *sigh*

i don't know that this is a advantage or disadvantage... this nail polish doesn't chip easily and that means that this nail polish is quite hard to removed...


  1. kukunya bagusss *salahfokus* btw, salam kenal yaa :D

    I nominated your for this Liebster award :)

    1. thx u... =) salam kenal juga..
      thx yaaa... ntar lg kukerjain... =)

  2. fantastic colour! i love the shimmer xD
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