Friday, December 13, 2013

Leivy Naturally Double Moisturizing Shower Cream

hi everyone...
today i will write about my current body wash, well..
it's written shower cream though...
soap, body wash, shower gel, shower cream... i absolutely don't know the difference between them..
if you know..
please let me know by comment down below...
sooooo long intro just as usual..
here's the star...
Leivy Naturally Double Moisturizing Shower Cream

please ignore my messy background...
i try to show that i already used it..
well, this is actually my second bottle..

what it says on the bottle:
Double Moisturizing Shower Cream with Goat's Milk & Milk Protein
Cleopatra, queen of Egypt, famed for her flawless skin, soaked herself frequently in milk!

This gentle shower cream is formulated with double moisturizing effect of goat's milk and milk protein combined. Pure goat's milk rich in vitamins A, B, & E, proteins, minerals and fatty acids has natural nourishing & moisturizing goodness. Milk protein which contains sodium caseinate and lactic acid, doubles up the moisturizing and lightening effect on skin.
Ideal for very dry skin..

into my opinion:
usually i am a lotion addict...
i ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS use body lotion after shower...
but, since i use this product..
from day to day i become really really REALLY lazy to put lotion after shower, because my skin really feel moist after i shower..
so, i take a shower, and when i finished,
 i feel like i already have a shower and already use lotion on my skin...
the most i like about this product is.....the SCENT...
first time i smell it, i think it's really similar to an insecticides that my family used...
i really really like the scent..
way back when i was in elementary school,
i usually sneak into my bedroom which is just sprayed with insecticide.. and get scold because i did that..
for you, who in winter season right now...i really recommend this...
this is perfect for winter..will hydrate your skin really well..
before i forgot...
i got this for IDR 15.300 or USD 1,5
i bought this with my own money... and not affiliated with the company as well...

+ :  the smell is SOOOOOO GOOOOOOOD
      really moisturizing
      affordable --> this is important rightt..??
-  :  nothing


  1. hi may i know where you got this from?

    1. Hi, thank you... =)
      I got this from Hypermart..