Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Garnier Neril Hair Tonic Anti Dandruff Shield

hi guys..
i have been struggled from dandruff some months ago..
from my experince..
dandruff just come and go...
i got dandruff.. i got no dandruff...and then dandruff again..no dandruff again..
just repetitive like that..

when i got dandruff some years ago..( maybe 6 years ago?? )
i use wella ex-something-site hair tonic in anti dandruff..
*i forgot the name..*
but, i just can't find it anymore in stores..
i think they don't produce that tonic anymore..
which is make me sooooo sad... =(
because that tonic is works really good!!!!
it eliminates my dandruff soo well..
why they have to discontinued it????????
so, the journey to find tonic that will make the dandruff  go away from my lovely hair..begin
i already tried some other hair tonics..but i don't like them very much..
i don't know why...
they are good products actually..but i just think that maybe there's something that will more impress me..
and i keep trying new hair tonics..

and one day i try this hair tonic..
the Garnier Neril Hair Tonic Anti Dandruff Shield..
i love garnier products..
and when i see this..
i just thought.. hey, maybe i'll love it..
it can be a good products..since i use some of garnier products and fall in love with them...

the box says that this tonic is effective in treating and preventing : 
- dandruff
- scalp impurities
- itchiness


treatment :
simply massage this tonic into the scalp everyday for 3 minutes. it can be applied both on wet and dry hair. continue the treatment minimum for 2 or 3 times a week to prevent the problem from recurring.

prevention :
this tonic can also be used to prevent the appearance of dandruff. massage this tonic regularly into the scalp, to give you healthy scalp, strong, and beautiful hair.

here's the bottle..

when you open the cap..
perfect size hole for hair tonic...

so.. onto the result...
at that moment.. i have a looott of dandruff...
and my dandruff wasn't just the small like powder..
but also the big dandruff which is look like peeled skin..
it can be peeled from my scalp..if i just scratching my scalp..
usually i found it..because it will feel really itchy...

ehemm... i don't wear this tonic as the instructions above...
*usually i really pay attention to the instructions..*
but, i just lazy to use this everyday...i know.. my bad..
i only use this after i wash my hair..
it do eliminates my dandruff!!!!
soo glad... it works well!!
though it take some time..maybe because i'm not following those instructions..
but..anyway it is work!!!
and i'm happy with the result... and now i keep use this but not as often as before...
because i don't have dandruff right now.. YAY..
but i just use it sometimes to prevent that the dandruff will coming back..and the picture above is actually my second bottle...

so.. if you have problem with dandruff...
you must give this hair tonic a try...
and say BYE BYE to dandruff.... =) 
i got this for IDR 24,273 or USD 2.51 after 30% discount..
the full price is IDR 34,675 or USD 3.58

note : i bought this with my own money.. and this post honestly my opinion based on my experience..

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