Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Tokyo Night Polish Remover

Hi everyone..
Today I will post about a nail polish remover..
It’s called Tokyo night polish remover.. it’s an Indonesian local brand, produced by Hayjen cosmetic.

here's the look..

 here's the words that they write at the white sticker...

Function :
To cleans nail

How to use :
Rub onto the nail using cotton

and the ingredient list..which is acetone, water, ethyl alcohol, fragrance..

that's it..
really a short and clear message...
but really effective in my opinion, since it still provide the important things that we, the users, need to know..

I got this at IDR 6.500 or USD 6,5 for a 55ml bottle
that's insanely cheap..!!!!!!!!
let's see how it works..

here's my nail..
is it already a bare nail???
NOOOO, i wear revlon nail polish in sheer mauve.. which is i already post in here

i moistened cotton with this remover, and rub it onto my nail, just like the direction that written at the sticker..
in this picture below, i just rub it onto the half of my nail..
the left side is the clean part, and the right side is still have the nail polish on..
*really hope you can see the slight difference, since the nail polish color is really natural and sheer..*

and then.....
here is the clean nail..!!!!
 i really satisfied with this product...
because no need to rub over and over again...
just need to be rubbed 2x, or 3x maximum, i guess.. and it will delete all those polish from your nail..
just a tip that i read somewhere... * i love to read a loooooooootttttt of things *
if you had thick polish, or maybe glitter polish.. you can left those moistened cotton on your nail for a few seconds before rubbed...
psst.. i already tried... and it really works!!!! so bad that i forgot where i got this tips.. =(

+ : it did cleans well...

-         - :  the bottle is made from glass... *make it not travel friendly, and don't drop it... *
note :
i bought this products with my own money..
and my opinion above is honest and based by my own experience of using this product... 
LOVE this!!! gotta repurchase... =)

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