Monday, March 24, 2014

Nivea Visage - Refreshing Cleansing Milk

hi everyone...
today i will share about a cleansing milk...
i really try out from a bunch of different brand in order to find my 'soul mate' milk cleanser..

so, here's the look...

what it says on the packaging..

Nivea Visage aqua effect 
refreshing cleansing milk 
for normal skin type

Nivea Visage aqua effect refreshing cleansing milk enriched with vitamin E and hydra IQ :
cleanse thorough, remove the remnants of make up even waterproof mascara 
- maintain skin's natural moisture
- skin feels fresh
- softens skin with vitamin E 

 feel the sensation of a fresh skin
skin thoroughly cleansed and refreshed, healthy looking and beautiful

how to use :
Smooth on the skin with a gentle massage in small circular motion on the face and neck area with fingertips or cotton. Wash with cotton or water. So soft so that it can be used to clean the area around the eyes. 

for optimal results use Nivea aqua effect Refreshing Toner too
has proven by dermatology and ophthalmology suitable for skin

nah.. here's my face...
i used concealer and two way cake...


 put it on my skin...
massage on circular motion just like the instruction..

swabbed with cotton..
here's the dirty cotton.. 

my clean face...!! 

 overall, this is my favorite milk cleanser now..
i think that this is the most suitable milk cleanser for my skin which i ever tried until now
since it doesn't burn my nose the other 2 that i had tried before...
and i already tried to used it around my eyes area, and it feels good...
not sting my eye at all...!!!
i got this for IDR 13.000 or USD 1.3

+ : gentle
    doesn't burn my nose area
     cleanse well
     not sting when used around eyes

-  : nothiiingggg

i bought this product with my own money...
and my opinions above based by my experience by using this products


  1. I love your smooth skin! ^o^ Nivea products are great!

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    1. thx you.. =) yesss.. they made a lot of good products.. totally agree with you.. =)