Thursday, March 6, 2014

2014 Wishlist

hi, today i want to write about my wishlist...
why i write this post..??
it's actually because i read this post by Sekararum..
i really like her blog..!!!! her style of writing is absolutely honest, interesting, and cheerful... =)
after read her wishlist post... i want to make my wishlist too..!!
so, here they are...
some of them actually i already want since last year or even more..
but somehow i never really did buy them..

1. pointe shoe..
first of all, i'm not a ballerina..
my mom take me to a ballet course when i'm little...
but, you know.. i just got bored..with all the classic music things.. so, i quit..
and then, the course is closed too.. because the owner is moving out..
but yeah... i just want to learn how to stand up using this...and then walk..and i will figured out what next after i can do those two things first..

and.. don't forget the toe pads.. because it definitely will hurt.....

2. Heelys shoe
i really want to use these when i go out..
since i can't ride anything..
so i think it will be really cool if i just slide with these from place to place...
cool or weird?? my fiance tells me that it is weird, but i think it is really cool and awesome.. and less tiring than regular walk..

3. Roller skate shoes...
i really want exactly like in this picture below..
i found it in an online shop, maybe last year.. but i didn't buy it..
and now, when writing this post...
i know that the shop that sell this is now CLOSED..
what @$^*(*TW^RW^&%
arrrrrrrghhhhhh.... where i can buy it now????????????

4. Hula hoop
i'm not only want this, i actually NEED this...!!

5. Coastal scents 88 ultra shimmer palette
i love shimmer eyeshadow.. and this palette has 88 colors of it...
no need to talk more.. i want this...

6. Pink make up brushes
they're so adorable...!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

7. Brand new sewing machine
i really got headache what i suppose to choose a sewing machine.. 
there's tons of options... and i'm a newbie..  
what i always used is a vintage sewing machine that has pedal on it...
and you can only adjust the stitch length..
i want a new sewing machine that can sew and finish the edges of the fabric too..
it's much more practical than i have to go out and get the edges of my fabric done at tailor..
and then come home and continue the project..
i actually really don't know how to use this kind of sewing machine...
but yeah, if i buy it i must figure it out somehow... there should be a manual book and hopefully a great salesperson, and so far youtube never fail to impress me...

8. Mannequin
i want one for making dresses...
and another one in my actual size to keep my wedding dress... =)


 that's all in my mind right now...
see you in my next post.. =)


  1. I was a ballerina a few years later. Unfortunately, I had problems with my ankles... I had to stop! T_T
    btw. nice interesting wishlist! ^^ Do you like sewing?

    ❤ ✿ VISIT MY BLOG ✿ ❤

    1. wooowww... really nice to know real ballerina.. =)
      too bad that you had to stop.. but, health is really important...
      yes, i like sewing.. do u like sewing too?

  2. nice post! Love the pink brushes! I always want a cute makeup tools but never have it ;p

    1. thx you for stopping by..
      me too... i think we should have it someday... =)

    2. personal beauty of a woman must be seen from in her, let alone supported by the dress that makes the recording to be perfect,,Mesin Jahit

  3. personal beauty of a woman must be seen from in her, let alone supported by the dress that makes the recording to be perfect,,