Sunday, May 25, 2014

May 2014 Make Up Haul

hi everyone...
today i will write about my beauty haul for this month... =)

1. Pond's White Beauty Spotless Day Cream
just like Olay moisturizer, i really love Pond's moisturizer too..
i got this about IDR 15.000 or USD 1.5

2. Nivea Lipbalm in Soft Rose
this is my holy grail product that i will always repurchase...
i have finished this product so many times..
it is in my January 2014 empties, which is you can see it here
the actual price is IDR 25.175 or about USD 2.5
but i got discount 15% off, so i had to paid only IDR 21.399 or about USD 2.1

3. Maybelline Baby Lips 
okay, i know that i'm probably late trying this products..
a lot of people already raved about this for some months, but yeah...
let's see if it is worth the hype...
i got this for IDR 18.500 or about USD 1.8

4. Jeanne Arthes Fake lashes
actually i am really surprised when i know that this lashes is only IDR 3.500 or less than USD 0.5..
i bought this at a salon supplies shop..
it have a clear band and look pretty natural...

5. X-pert Eyelash Glue
this is just a clear eyelash glue..
because my current eyelash glue dried white, and i have to touch up my eyeliner after put the false lashes...
short story, i don't want to touch up again, it's wasting time... so i think, i better get the clear eyelash glue..
i bought this at the same salon supplies shop with the Jeanne Arthes Fake Lashes...
i bought this for IDR 35.000 or USD 3.5..

6. D'Eyeko Fake Lashes - Cherrybelle
well, a lot of Indonesian beauty blogger reviewed D'Eyeko fake lashes...
and that make me curious about this product...
i got this as Matahari Department Store for IDR 50.000 or about USD 5

okay, that is for today...
see you in my next post...
bye... =)


  1. Love your makeup haul dear! So lovely stuff~ <3

    ❤ ✿ MY BLOG ✿ ❤

  2. Nice hauls! Btw, which one do you like better the Nivea lipbalm or Baby lips? I've never tried Baby Lips, so curious :D


    1. thx you... i will review both of them soon... :) but both of them seems pretty good..

  3. Great haul, I love the Cherrybelle lashes!!


    1. thx you... yes, me looks so cute.. =)

  4. great post!
    i love the lipbalms :)
    especially the nivea one
    its so good!
    xoxo Rose

    1. yes, it is also my favorite lipbalm... =)
      thx for stopping by...