Thursday, July 16, 2015

2015 Wishlist

Hi everyone...
Today i will share some of my wishlist at the moment... 

1. PAC Creamy Foundation Palette
I want this right after i watch  Top 5 Indonesian Makeup I Would Repurchase  by Delania Marvella. 
This product sounds pretty good, and i want this..

2. PAC Brush Cleanser

 This product is also featured in Delania Marvella's video above...
And sounds really promising... So, i want this one too...

3. A hair dryer

I never own a hair dryer..
And i think it is the time that i should have one, since i'm so tired waiting for my hair to dry after washing it at night...
Even sometimes i have to slept with my -semi wet-  hair and i don't like it..

4. Make Up Brushes

Real Techniques - Starter Set

Real Techniques - Core Collection

I have seen this brush set so many times, but i never want this..
I want this after read a review written by my favorite blogger Arum..
She write a review about this brush set here.
Before that i only want the Starter Set, but now, i want these two..

 5. Sneaker

 The classic low converse

The high top converse...

 The studded one...

or even the one with LED light...

I want ALL of them...

6. Roller Skate

And i still want a roller skate...
Seriously, i don't know where i will go with all the shoes in my wishlist...

That's it for today...
See you later in my next post..
Bye.. =)


  1. Yaampun, pengen LED sneakersnyaaaa!!! Sama starter set RT juga >'<

    1. Iyaaaa... Sebenernya pingin yg smart
      tapiiii yg ini aja oke kayaknya.. =)

  2. The shoes with LED O.O
    And yes, us ladies never have enough makeup brushes right? ;p

    Shop @vanitygoods

    1. Yuupp... Thank you for stopping by.. =)