Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Odette Look #marvellacontest

Hi everyone...
Today i will share an entry video for Delania Marvella make up contest..
I am a subscriber to her channel on youtube.. 
Maybe you already know that since my last post..  =)
To know more about the contest, you can see it here

I decide to make a ballet theme birthday party..
Some years ago Odille has been really famous due to the Black Swan movie..
So, now i choose Odette, the white swan from Swan Lake..
 Please excuse my ballerina wannabe dancing moves, since i'm not really a ballerina...

And... with no longer words...
Grab your snack, drinks, and don't fall asleep..
This is my video entry for the contest..


That's it for my post..
See you again next time..
Bye.. =)

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