Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Cleaning Out My Make Up Area

Hello everyone..!!
A few days ago i decide to tidy up my beauty area..
Well.. I'm a super messy person..
And that day i think that the mess is too much already, and i have to tidying up and organized it a bit..

Well, i already told you that i'm a messy person, right...
Here's my messy beauty area..

Back then, my big baby teased me that my room is a perfect image for searching game..
You know, a game that you must find some objects.. 

A close up view..

And here it is....!!!!!!!
My clean make up area...
Ouuww yeaahhh...


Some close view... 

And here's some things that i throw away...

All of the face masks are already expired.
The hair conditioner is soooooooo old..
I can't find the expiry date though..
The both lipsticks i already had for quite a long time and they both smell bad..
The mascara, also have bad smell..
The sunblock is already expired..

So, that's it for this post..
See you later...