Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Review - Pixy Nail Enamel in P-04

Hi everyone..!!!
Today i will write a review about Pixy Nail Enamel in P-04..

Here it is..

For this review, i will use it on my toenails, because my fingernail looks terrible.
Well, i kind of a little bit stressed, and whenever i stressed out, i bite my nail.

So, say hello to my foot..

 Here's the look at my left foot with Pixy Nail Enamel vs bare foot


Well, i kind of feel sophisticated after painting my toenails.
I like how it looks on my feet.
It looks girly and feminine.

+ : Affordable but i forgot the exact price
     Really cute and beautiful color
     The color payoff is good

-  : The formula is too watery in my opinion

So, that's it for this post..
See you later..
Bye.. =)


  1. Ini kutek favorit aku soale murah :D. Iya sih kadang suka dapet yg terlalu cair. Tapi kalau beruntung bisa dapet yang formolanya pas (dikocok dulu tapi :D)

    1. Oo.. Ini kutek pixy pertamaku...mungkin pas nggak hoki ya.. =)

  2. nice color!! *I always love pink nail polish* :)