Friday, December 30, 2016

December 2016 Haul

Hello everyone...!!!
After being MIA for a moment,
today i will share some products that i bought a while ago..

1. The Body Shop Camomile Silky Cleansing Oil
I really curious about the hype of cleansing oil..
And so far this is the only cleansing oil that i can found in my hometown..
I got this for IDR 199.000 or about USD 14.81

2. Nivea Make Up Clear Cleansing Water
Also, cleansing water is just such a hype..
And my favorite milk cleanser from Nivea is discontinued.. *sigh* why ohh whyyy...
So, just try this one i guess.. 
I got this for IDR 42.500 or about USD 3.16

3. Pixy Eye & Lip Make Up Remover
Because one is never enough..
This is an always repurchase..
I got this for IDR 22.000 or about USD 1.64

4. Biore Pore Pack
I need this..
I got this for IDR 13.500 or about USD 1

5. Clean & Clear Active Speed Clearing Acne Gel
This is a must in my skincare routine..
This is an always repurchase..
I got this for IDR 24.000 or about USD 1.79

6. The Body Shop Tea Tree 3-in-1 Wash Scrub Mask Sample
I got this for free when i bought the cleansing oil..
So far pretty curious about the 3 in 1 system..

That's it for this post..
See you later.. Bye.. =)

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