Saturday, September 1, 2012

Revlon Touch and Glow Extra Moisturizing Face Powder

Revlon Touch and Glow Extra Moisturizing Face Powder

Hi ..! Today i want to write a review about revlon face powder series touch and glow extra moisturizing face powder. 
I use this products for maybe about 2 months or more..and i like it!!
so, here it is.. 

mine is in cream ivory 38, the saleswoman choose this color for me..
and i really believe in her choices.. she never give any wrong suggestions..
also for this time, it really suits me well... ^o^

at the time i photographed these pictures, incidentally i just washed the original sponge from revlon..
but honestly i'm not too fond with the sponge.. it's really thin..
the revlon microfine face powder's original sponge is much more better..
i got this for IDR 35.000 or USD 3,67

look, it almost empty.. 

+ :  it makes my face look glow and soft, but still very natural
      also i can feel the moisturize feeling after using this --> compare to others face powder
      affordable and easy to find
      travel friendly, since the packaging isn't too big like some other face powder
      it have transparent jar, and that make us easier to find the right colour

-  :  i don't like the sponge.. 


  1. hi. i have a question - will it be moisturizing for a dry skin? ^^

  2. nice review :) there are a lot of people use this product

  3. i'm not a fan of sponge either!
    cool post.
    x0 Chelsea

  4. Lovely blog and post!:)
    check out mine too if you want,

    greetings from Finland!

  5. Nice review, I'm thinking of trying it myself too!

  6. good review!!:)
    thanks for following my blog, i'm now following yours too xoxo

  7. hmmmm I am tempted to buy one of these after reading your post. =)

  8. great review :D