Sunday, September 30, 2012

Happy Mooncake Festival !!

hi everyone!!!!
today we're celebrating a moon festival !!!
it's quite a big celebration in China..
when we celebrate the full moon and high tide..
suddenly tonight i just want to post something about it..
and then i decide to make a Chang E's look..
Chang E is the Chinesse moon goddess..
about the story of how she became the goddess, 
i can't tell you..
because there's so many version of this story..
and which one is the original ones, i really have no idea about it..
but you can read some of the story from the source that i linked below..

here's just a random picts of Chang E

so, enough for the prolog i guess..
here's my Chang E's look..

*err.. plz don't laugh.. hahaa... *

so.. that's my Change E version with my jade rabbit..
i just put gel eyeliner with red lipstick..
i know, that a lot of womans image in Chinese vintage art is usually/always wear flowers in their hair..
but i don't have any fake/real flowers.. 
so i just wear random ribbons and put it randomly.. 

picts with mooncake.. 
celebrate celebrate...

here's some more pictures of my jade rabbit..
actually handmade by me..

so that's it..
actually this is the fastest post that i ever made..
so, what do you think about this Chang E's look..?
it's nearly halloween time, maybe some of you that celebrate can dress up as Chang E..
i think it will be nice to dress up as a goddess in halloween.. :)

nb :  don't forget to check out the full moon at 00:00 tonight
i heard that the most beautiful full moon scene and high tide is at that time..
see you.. and happy mooncake festival !!!


  1. Wow you look really lovely :] I like those stories, in China it must be really interesting :]
    with love, Minnie

  2. Amazing hairstyle ^_^ You look soo cute ♥