Sunday, December 2, 2012

Artemis Fowl by Eoin Colfer

today i want to share about my new favourite book series..
it is.. Artemis Fowl..
author : Eoin Colfer

here's the front cover..

let me be honest.. i bought this book because of it's cover..
actually the cover is BLING!!!..i mean look sparkle when shaken..which aren't visible in picture above..
that really took my attention...
so, i grab it and read the synopsis at the back cover..
after i read just ensure me to really buy this book..
afetr i read it.. i found that i really LOVE the story..
luckily this is the first book of the series.. so, i can understand the story well..

the story is about a 12 years old boy billionaire named Artemis Fowl..
he is totally a genius...
he investigate about fairies..--> searching for their gold

Fowl's family is dabbling in the world of crime..
someday, Mr. Fowl Senior.. (Artemis father) is lost in cruise ship that blown by Russian mafia and make Fowl family lost their rate as billionaire..since it was a bussiness trip..
and Artemis's mother is stressed out since the missing of Mr. Fowl senior..

and Artemis is determined to return their wealth by getting fairy's gold..
but the fairies is clever, armed, and has magic..
so, it's not that easy to take their gold..
in this first book, Artemis dealing with Holly Short, the first female captain fairy's world..
she is really kind, smart, nice, loyal, and little bit of reckless..

here's Artemis must conquer fairies intelligence, magic, technology..
which is much more advanced than human technology.., troll, gnome..,etc..

so.. who wins this battle??
i give you the satisfaction by not telling the end of the story..
you can read it from the book...

this book is just the beginning of the adventure..
you can check out this series at 

i bought this book with my own money in local bookstore...
lucky me, i got it on sale..
only IDR 20.000 or USD 2

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