Thursday, December 6, 2012

Revlon Profesional Extra Moisturizing Nail Enamel Remover i will review one of my nail enamel remover..
it is by Revlon..
i think it's quite good..

what it says on the product :
conditioning and moisturizing formula with natural jojoba oil.
cleans off color without acetone.
won't dry or strip nails.

how to use:
moisten cotton with remover. stroke over nail until clean. for artificial nail, test first : wipe gently.

flammable, keep away from heat or flame. store at room temperature. harmful if taken internally. keep out of reach of children.

okay, let's trying...
here is my nail with chipped nail polish
must go rid it

ta daaaa.... the hero.. nail enamel remover...
it is a blue water.. my bottle contains 120 ml

when you open the cap..
wide hole.. but it makes a lot of easier to moist your cotton...
so... like it...!!

so, after i use it like the instruction that mentioned above...

here's the clean nail...
it cleans easily.. and quickly.. 

i got this IDR 27000 or USD 2.7
affordable...and do a great job...
like thissss....!!

+ : affordable
     cleans quickly and easily
     big hole that make easier to soak the cotton

-  : has strong scent

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