Wednesday, April 1, 2015

DIY Flower Pot

Hi everyone..!!!
Today i want to share my latest diy..
Actually it is my husband idea, when i'm about to throw away the empty plastic bottle in our house.
He said that it can be transformed into a flower pot, since we're always runs out of it anyway...

So, here we are...

What we need :

1. Empty plastic bottle
2. Cutter or knife
3. Scissors

How to make :

1. Cut the bottle on your desire about the tall of your flower pot

2. Trim the edges if needed

3. Make some holes in the bottom of your bottle

4. First, place some small stone or gravel

5. Fill in with soil

6. Choose the plant that you want to put in it.
i choose this one which has the yellow flower.

7. Put in the plant into the flower pot. Put soil and press with your finger.

8. It's completed..!!! YAY

I'm pretty happy with the result...
It's easy, quick, and really useful..
For myself, i want to grow a vegetable garden..
I think it will be really awesome when i want to cook something and grab the ingredients right from my own garden..

so, that's it for this post..
see you in my next post... =)

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