Thursday, May 7, 2015

What I Got for my Birthday 2015

Hi everyone..!!
I have my birthday last month..
YAY..!! errr... Though i don't want to become older..
But, time just flow.. And here i am, one year older again.. 

So, i think i will share some things that i got for my birthday this year..
I love to see this kind video on Youtube, so i decide to share about mine..

First, the shoes...
The pink one is a gift from my mom..
And the black one, i bought because my legs felt really painful wearing my new boots..
So, i got this..
Err... I forgot who paid for this shoes..
I think my husband do..

The closer view of the pink one..
I love bling bling thing..
Well, that's pretty obvious.. =)

Second, the sunglasses.
Hell yeah.. I never ever have a sunglasses before..
I have a hard time choosing the one that make me looks good..
I always feel that sunglasses really isn't my thing..
That i don't look good in any eyeglasses.
But i suddenly want to step out from my comfort zone, and pick these 2 sunglasses..
That i really don't know that it will suits me or not..
I really excited with the cat eye one, it looks very unique..
And i want a classic plain one, so i pick up the other one..
My husband pay for these too, but i choose them by myself..

Third, household things..
The box organizer is from my husband.
He really sure that i should have it from just a glance see it.
He is kind of right, because my craft supplies is lay EVERYWHERE in our living room and coffee table..
I already fill this in, and OMG, he is very right..!!
I want to get another one..!! =)
It really help me with organizing nic nac, and just make life easier..
The other one is a Bubble Bra.
It supposed to help me, because i'm tired of hand washing all of my underwear..
And this supposed to be a bra guard, so you can put your bra in washing machine..
But, it  just so hard to use..
I'm back with the hand wash thing...

Last and the cutest gift..
Cooking utensils from my BFF..
OMG...!!! She's know me so well..
I'm obsessed with bunny...
She got me 3 of bunny themed cooking utensils..
I got a frying pan, an egg mould, and pudding mould.. with bunny in it..!!!
So i can bunny-fied my meals..
Can't wait to use them..!! =)

So, here they are..
Some things that i got for my birthday..
See you in my next post..
Bye.. =)