Friday, May 1, 2015

April 2015 OOTD

Hello everyone..!!!
Just thinking that i'm not post about my face for pretty long time..
So i decide to post a random OOTD for this post..

I wear this when i go to my birthday lunch with my family..
Say hello to my new hair...
Yes i cut them, so here i am with a medium long hair..
Why i cut it?? Because it is soooooo HOT in here..
Well, it's rain season now..
But before the rain drops, the weather is just HOT like crazy..

Okay, onto the OOTD..
So, for the top, i wear a grey racerback tank top..
Actually it has sequins in the front, but you can't see it in the picture..

And for the bottom, i wear a black circle skirt with lace..
This is my favorite circle skirt..

For the shoes, i wear a white wedges from Payless..
I like this shoes.. It is tall enough and comfortable..

And last but not least, my go to sling bag from Fila..
It casual-ize everything.. Is casualize is a word??
But i hope you know what i mean.. =)

Oh, and the umbrella..
It's rain don't forget to bring umbrella with you..
FYI it's actually raining when the pictures is taken...

See you in my next post.. =)

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