Monday, August 24, 2015

June - August 2015 Haul

Hi everyone...
Today i will post about my cumulative haul since June 2015..
So, just straight to the haul...!!!


1. Maybelline Colorshow Eyeliner - Spicy Orange
I got interested in colored eyeliner. I already tried green eyeliner, and i LOVE it.
So, i decide that i will try orange color.
I got this for IDR 33.000 or about USD 2.34.
2. Maybelline Colorshow Eyeliner - 08 Deep Black
I don't have any black pencil eyeliner..
My black eyeliners are in liquid and gel form..
 I think this will be a great option to line the under eye area.
I got this for IDR 33.000 or about USD 2.34

3. Maybelline Hyper Glossy Liquid Liner - Silver Trance
After i got this eyeliner in Khaki - green color as you can see in my haul post here
I must say that i really LIKE, LOVE, and IMPRESSED with the formula.
So, i decide to get it in another color..
Actually i want the turquoise blue one, but it is out f stock.
So, i pick the silver one, since i think it looks beautiful and will add an edgy look to my eye make up..
I got this for IDR 55.000 or about USD 3.9.

* When i bought these, Maybelline got a special promo buy 2 get 1 free which is AWESOME *
* So, i got a color show eyeliner for free *

4. Loreal Smooth Intense 1 Minute Caring Mask
Why i have 2 of these, because it got a deal.
That you add IDR 1.000 and you will get 2 of the same product.
I love Loreal hair mask, and it got a great deal, and i don't have any hair mask at the moment..
I got this for IDR 50.000 + 1.000 or about USD 3.61 for these two.

5. Nivea Refreshing Cleansing Milk
This is a repurchase of my favorite cleansing milk in bigger size..
I already write a review about this product here
I got this for IDR 21.500 or about USD 1.52.

6. Mustika Ratu 2 in 1 Face Cleanser
My all time favorite 2 in 1 face cleanser that pretty hard to find some time ago..
and now i found it...!! YAY
You can see this in my empties post here
I got this for IDR 17.000 or about USD 1.2

7. Ella Envie Rouge body douche
It looks beautiful...and i believe that this got special price..
And smells REALLY GOOD...
and to complete all of the awesomeness above, it looks like it contains micro glitter..
I got this for IDR 22.750 or about USD 1.61.

8. Nexcare Acne Cover
My ALL TIME FAVORITE acne treatment..
Just go to my review here

9. Mustika Ratu Pelling Mundisari
This is a repurchase..
Because i need to exfoliate my face.
I got this for IDR 9.690 or about USD 0.69
Isn't that great?? And it last for a LOOONG time..

10. Purederm Collagen Eye Zone Mask
Well, as i get more old mature, i really want to take a good care of my skin.
Especially in the eyes area, in my opinion, wrinkle will show up first on the eyes area..
And wrinkle = old mature look, but i prefer a cute look.
How can i be cute if i had wrinkles..?
I got this for IDR 52.000 or about USD 3.69


Denim Shirt
I want a denim shirt for some time..
I think it's a great staple for my wardrobe..
 I got this for IDR 136.000 or about USD 9.64

Little White Dress
The main and only reason i got this little white dress, is because the 70% off sale is calling me..
It comes in black too, but i don't have any little white dress.
It's the last one and also in my size... How great is that...
The original price is IDR 369.900 or about USD 26.22 which is overpriced in my opinion..
But, it got 70% off, and the final price is IDR 110.970 or about USD 7.86.

Light Pink Top

This is cute and girly and pink.
That's it.
 I got this for IDR 80.000 or about USD 5.67

Flowery Pink Top
It looks really girly and also the 50% off  sale is calling me..
I think it looks super kawaii and really perfect for a decora / sweet gal outfit..
The original price is IDR 209.900 or about USD 14.88
and the final price is IDR 104.950 or about USD 7.44..

Tank Tops
I found both of them in 50% off rack.
I like the pink with studded skull one, it have the punk style in girly way..
and the grey one is pretty much basic but with edgy feel in it.
The original price for the pink one is IDR 115.000 and for the grey one is IDR 99.900.
and YAY for the discount..
The final price for the pink one is about IDR 57.500 or about USD 4.08
and the grey one is about IDR 49.950 or about USD 3.54

Sleep dresses
I got these dresses in really awesome price..
Their original price were IDR 99.000 or about USD 7.02
But hey hey heyyyyy...
They were in special price stack, and........
the special price is...................
IDR 25.000 or about USD 1.77

Long Wallet
I never owned a long wallet before.. *is it called long wallet?
I always use folding wallet, because i think that long wallet like this will make me look like an auntie.
Besides the fact that i already is.
But then maybe the old side, the auntie side or whatever make me want to try a long wallet.
A thing that i hate before.
And i ended up with this navy blue color with magnet button in the front.
I think this one is have the most YOUNG vibe besides all of the wallets at the store.
I got this for IDR 199.000 or about USD 14.1

That's it for this post..
See you again later..
Bye... =)