Thursday, October 15, 2015

Review Maybelline Unstoppable Natural Brow Liner - Black

Hello everyone..!!!
Today i will post a review about my current eyebrow pencil..
It is Maybelline Unstoppable Natural Brow Liner, mine is in color black..

Here it is..

What it says :
Natural Brow Liner
Allergy tested - Long wearing 

Here's the swatch on my hand..

As you can see, the color in my opinion is more like brown-ish black..??
Like it is black but have some brown hue in it.

My bare eyebrow on my bare face...

So, first i fill in my eyebrow..

And then brush it to blend and make it look more natural..

Ta Daaaaa...
My finished eyebrow with make up .. =)

What do you think??
I rally like that it match my black hair really well and looks natural.. 

+ : Looks really natural.
     Long lasting - last up about 6 hours on me.
-  : I don't find any.

My outfit of the day...
I decide to go with all black..

Wait.!!! That is Gembung over there...
 Come come Gembung...


 May i introduce you to my cute little kitten here..
Her previous name is Gemblung the Good Puss..
But yesterday I changed her name to Gembung the Good Puss..
I decide to change her name because of writing this post...
When i named her Gemblung, in my mind gemblung means chubby, like cute fat, or something like that..
Because she has a round fat tummy..
But, yesterday when i write this post, and check the word gemblung in google translate, it says that gemblung means stupid..
Ow mannnnn.. Seriously..???
She isn't stupid at all, she is clever...cute.lovely..
And she already accepted that name, she isn't responding if you call her puss.
 But, she will respond to anyone that call her gemblung..

So, after having dilemma all night and all day..
I decide to change her name into Gembung, in this case the closest mean of her name is filled..
I think that's a great name for her, it sounds almost the same as gemblung..
and she's filled with joy, happiness, and love..

Name : Gembung the Good Puss
Gender : Female
Personality : Happy, friendly, kind, playful, cheerful, active, curious
Hobby : Tease and cuddle
Status : Single, but not yet available

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